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Should I Test?

First time on here and looking for a little advice. I am 33 and my husband and I have been TTC for over two years now. We have both been checked and there are no obvious fertility issues. We have been having sex every other day for a while now and my period was due on the 13th Nov, and all that happened was a little brown discharge which only showed on the toilet tissue. I have had swollen breasts, a constant headache, and been extremely tired for the last few days, but then today i started to get cramping and i have started to bleed very lightly. It is not a normal period bleed, as it is very light in colour and flow. Should i still test or am i getting my hopes up too much?

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Hi i think you should test. Most pregnancy tests now can detect 2 days earlier, you are already at least 3 days late, good luck : )


Thanks Amirasofia71. I did a test this morning and it was neg :-( I then started to bleed heavier this afternoon, so it appears my normal period has started. Will have to keep trying x send me some baby dust! x


Sorry littlesmurf, your time will come soon. I am lucky to have 3 girls already and think i have lost the 4th, check my blog about waiting for scans if you get time, good luck. Keep trying and dont give up hope.


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