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Weight gain

Just wondering whats 'normal' in terms of weight gain early pregnancy? I am 11 weeks pregnant and havent had much of an appetite the past 2 weeks, although i was a bit naughty last week and did eat some crisps and sweets on 2 days which is a bit out of character for me!

Anyway I have put 3 pound on in the past week, crisps or placenta?

My husband was a massive baby and my mother in law has told me many times over the years about not gaining too much weight during pregnancy as thats what she blamed it on although she did eat rubbish the whole way through and she put on a lot of weight.

Just wondered if 3 pound at this stage is a bit much? X

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Hello! :)

Currently I'm 25.4 weeks - already a curveous lady! (size 18/20) At 11weeks I wasnt aware of much/massive weight gain. Saying that I suffered massively with morning sickness and didnt eat much and husband said he thought i'd lost weight! BUT you have a little baby growing inside of you and everything else that comes with him/her. Id enjoy my blooming figure (not that I was showing @ that time) and should you still be concerned id give you m/w a buzz xxx


Every person is different, im 16 weeks and i have put on 7lb since finding out. I havent changed my diet at all and eat crisps and chocolate on a daily basis as i have to keep my sugar level up. Youll probably notice a small increase in your weight which will start to steady out at 12 weeks and then increase again shortly after.

Dont worry about your size, nothing is normal/abnormal. Im 16 weeks and i have a small bump coming already. I saw my midwife yesterday and she could see where the baby was straight away without even feeling for him/her. However my friend, shes due in January, 4 months before me and im bigger than she is. Usually we are the same clothes size so i can honestly say - dont worry about your size or weight. Size is all down to the position of the baby, mine is all in front where my friends is all in her back which is why she hasnt got a bump.

Eat what you want when you want, that way you know your baby is getting what he/she wants and needs.

My best advice would be to stop getting weighed, leave it to your midwife because you every pound will worry you and thats not good for you or the baby.

Good luck x


Hi there

firstly, congratulations!!

My answer to your question wuld be there is no normal when it comes to pregnancy, everyone is different! Some women start to gain wait immediately, others keep it off until they are several months in then it comes out of nowhere! I am 17 weeks and so far haven't gained any weight, but none of my old trousers fit anymore so it's only a matter of time before the pounds start creeping on. As long as you are trying to eat healthy then I wouldn't worry about a few pounds :o)


Yes congratulations! I am usually size 8/10 but always been naturally top heavy. At 12 weeks id put on a couple of kilos just from eating normally and i didnt have any morning sickness. Im now 14 weeks, bellys popped out and id say ive put on 1/2 stone. But i think most of its gone to my chest as now a 32G!! People thought id had a boob job before i told them i was actually pregnant! Lol

Good luck, and dont worry about the weight too much.

A x


Thanks for the answers! Just wanted to check, ive lost a stone this year bringing me to a size 12 so i just wanted to make sure it wasnt me xreeping weight back on and thinking it was the baby!! Mind you as soon as i stopped drinking wine was when the pounds came off for me so thats hardly going to be the cause of any weight gain now!! Thanks again and i know what you mean ref the chest ameshk, no one knows im pregnant yet and ive aways been a dd but god knows what they are at the moment! New bra payday methinks, ive been forced into my sports bras at the moment!!! X


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