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Has anyone heard of hormone treatment 'Utrogestan' in early pregnancy?

I have had one live birth and two previous miscarriages and am now six weeks pregnant but have started to lose a small amount of pale brown discharge yesterday and then again this morning there was some watery pinkish/browish marks on the tissue after going to the loo.

I've been googling this and have found blogs that talk about some women having a low amount of progesterone in the first 12 weeks which causes problems with implantatiion and are prescribed 'Utrogestan' to help boost the progesterone level, therefore hopefully avoiding miscarriage. I'm surprised with my history that I've not heard of this before, has anyone else come across this? I am waiting for a call from my doctor and am really worried that she wont know about this which is often the case with anything that isnt a 'basic gyne' question. I really dont want to just sit back and wait for what feels like the inevitable to happen and would really appreciate any help or advice anyones got, thankyou x

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Hi Kelly, I had multiple miscarriages (5), two mid-term and am now 21 weeks pregnant without taking anything. Doctors don't usually investigate or refer miscarriages in the UK until you have had three in a row. There are many possible reasons for multiple miscarriage. There are also different treatments including utrogestan, heperin and simple aspirin, all dealing with different conditions. For me, in the cases that the hospital did investigate, my previous babies were not perfectly made and would not have lived long lives, if at all. But we were healthy and without genetic reason for miscarriage, so were encouraged to keep trying. I know how hard it is to want a baby and to keep having false starts. It's so uncertain, full of doubt and pain. It is so hard to be strong, positive and confident. I hope your luck changes soon. Best wishes x


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