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What's the chances of me being pregnant?

I have been on Yasmin pill for around 3 year now. Although I have been prescribed the antibiotic flucloxacillin and been taking it for 4 days now (7 in total) I have experienced very slight bleeding. And had unprotected sex last night, Could I be pregnant? I have double backed my pill ( I am going away today) so I'm not sure if the bleeding is for that reason? Or the antibiotic has stopped my pill from working? If so, should I stop taking my pill or wait until I have finished the pack just incase i am not?

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Antibiotics are known to sometimes counteract the pill, so I recommend using another form of contraception while you are on the meds and for a week after you have finished them.

Also, I think you are best to keep on with the pill if you're trying not to get pregnant. If you decide to stop the pill while your cycle sorts itself out then probably best to use another form of contraception if you are trying not to conceive.

As far as the bleeding - when i have doubled up my pills in the past and/or gone on holiday, it often does weird things with my period such as skipping one or spotting mid month, so it's possible the bleeding is because of hormones from the pill.

Whenever I had confusing times on the pill like this I rang NHS direct, they were really helpful!


Take your pill a usual and use a condom as extra protection whilst and for 7 days after you finish the anti biotics.....if you experience any difference in bleeding it could be sure to the mess, but if you really want to be on the safe side, take a pregnancy test 14 days after you had the possibly unprotected sex to rule out pregnancy


I have quite bad period like pains today.. But have no idea what's going off!


Since I wrote the question originally. I had a proper bleed very red blood Tuesday for around 4/5 days of which it stopped and then went back to brown discharge. Spoke to nhs they said get into docs immediately, and docs Said wait til my period came. One mentioned that my pill probably wasn't absorbing properly.. But that means it wasn't protecting me against pregnancy. So I'm worried. However, my brown discharge hasn't stopped since, over 2 weeks now. So how will I know if I've had a period? Since I'm already kind of having one? I do have pains which I usually get on the first day of my period. These have been constant on and off like a dull ache some worst than others.. My breasts are also very sore. My last pill (finally) was Sunday night. I would usually come on, on the Thursday after. Do I do a pregnancy test? Still have two days to wait! But it's killing me. As I'm sick of this discharge and pain I'm getting.


most pregnancy tests will say if you can test a few days before your period..i would try one to put your mind at rest, but if it is negative, you may still have to wait a few days to test again..i have had bleeding on certain pills due to the hormone. once i bled brown discharge for 4 months until i changed my pill. hopefully this is a similar thing you are experiencing


It came back negative. So ill just leave it a few days see what my body does. If things don't settle down when I start taking my pill again ill try take another test if I don't get more of a period, or go to the doctors if nothing changes. Thankyou


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