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Think I'm pregnant but having light spotting

Can anyone help me? I'm so confused! My last period was the 24th July I had light spotting on the 10th August! I've done 3 Tests all come back negative. I'm getting all the signs tired, feel sick in the morning and late at night, I'm moody etc! But I've had spotting again since 27th Monday so I really don't know what too do? My doctor says she cant send me to early bleeds clinic until I get a positive :-(

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first day of my last period was the 23rd july... and i found out tuesday im 5 1/2 weeks pregnant :) best thing to do is get the clear blue digital test... thats the only way to be 100% sure really.. best of luck hunn :) xxx


I have done a clear Blue still negative! It happened with my son I did one it said negative then a few weeks later it came out positive! It all can't b in my head can it? Crazy body! I wouldn't mind everything else moody, tired but it this sickly feeling its just not going! I will just have to wait and see! Thank you for your reply :-) and congratulations Hun xxx


hmmm strange.. guess the only thing to do it wait.... hardest thing to do though!! ive gotta wait for my6week scan monday and it feels like its taking forever to get to it!! than you :D xxxx


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