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I have had an early scan from which the hospital told me i was 9 weeks pregnant, I then had to wait 3 weeks to see my midwife who then

told me i was 9 weeks pregnant when she saw me, she did not examine me and said that the hospital scan machines aren't very good and were probably wrong, i have then waited a week to get a hospital appointment for my first scan which will be in another two weeks, so according to the hospital and first scan i would then be 15 weeks pregnant. I haven't had any blood tests or test of any kind yet and have previously had a baby at 33 weeks, who was born without three of his fingers due to amneotic bands and have a weak cervix due to having two operations, i am starting to get worried about having to wait so long as last time i was pregnant i had to have scans every two weeks. Should i have had tests and a scan before now?

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Are you registered with your chosen hospital/birthing centre yet? Mine have an excellent 24hr line i can ring whenever i am worried about something which has helped me. I would ask to see your miswife sooner or express your concern with your doctor. You could even ask nhs healthline?

Dont sit and worry, best to express your concern



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