i have been on the implant for 2years and i just got it removed on 17th July 2012 and as off today 4TH August i have no sign of a period but all the signs of pregnancy eg... running to the toilet lots, sense of smell, back pains, cramps, constantly tired... is my imagination running away with me or could i be pregnant, done 5tests all neg. is this normal x


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  • go and see your GP, sometimes your mind plays tricks on you and its awful!! it could be your body making changes as it does every month. but speak to your GP and see if he/she can do a test for you.. good luck :) x

  • I had symptoms of pregnancy due to coming off the pill. Took a while for the hormone balance to right itself. Bluebelle is absolutely right - visit your doctor. An accurate diagnosis will help settle your head, which in my case helped settle the hormones.

    R x

  • I had the implant removed on 18th June and the doctor advised my period would take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. After 6 weeks and no period and a number of pregnancy tests I tested yet again on 2/8/12 and still negative. Only symptom I had was extremely painful tender breasts for about 2 weeks. I haven't had a period since 2006 due to various contraceptions, so thought I must have been due the mother of all periods. Anyway I had a couple of tests left and done one on sunday, came back positive. Apparently I have caught my pregnancy very early on, only 1-2 weeks pregnant but very happy :)

  • Hi beckstar99

    I would love for it to happen that easily for me, me and my partner have decided to have our second child and i am really willing it to happen so dont actually no if the symptoms i have are in my head or real lol..... its so confusing..... today i had very light spotting and thought this is my period but its stopped already..... and i have done so my pregnancy tests i couldnt count on two hands (all negetive) maybe i should wait another few weeks befor i book appointment with my gp. Thanks for your reply.

  • update my period has arrived and i couldnt be happier atleast now i no whats going on in my body and and work out dates etc.... thankyou to everyone for your advice.......x

  • I had my implant removed yesterday, and we are keen to start planning a family. The dr said that I should expect a period in 4-5 weeks (haven't had any since first implant 7 years ago) However she said that if we were to try this week, we could quite possibly be pregnant next week, before even getting a period. So it is nice to hear that it has happened for others. I was also wondering how soon after intercourse that it would show on a pregnancy test? x

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