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Harmony test gender incorrect?

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Hi, has anyone ever had a harmony blood test done and got the results and then at the 20 week scan been told a different gender? I've read some posts where the harmony test has been wrong

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It’s very rare but it happens! However, statistically it is more likely that it is the scan that is wrong. Did you mention to the sonographer that you already know the gender through a Harmony test?

I had several small human errors in my ultrasounds in both pregnancies so I learnt to keep an open mind when results were contradictory, confusing or worrying in these scans.

Sorry I should add that the Harmony detects female babies by the lack of a Y chromosome in the sample. So if the Harmony said it’s a girl, it might be that there wasn’t enough placenta DNA in the sample at the time to detect the Y chromosome. But if the Harmony said it’s a boy, then definite traces of a Y chromosome were found in your blood, which makes it almost certain that you are carrying at least one male baby.

We had it done (I’m 43). Gender is a girl and that was confirmed twice by two different Radiographers on two different occasions. I believe the test comes with a caveat on margins of error (as scans are also not 100% accurate) and they test from traces of DNA in your blood. Nothing is 100% guaranteed I suppose but as I’ve one week left and a boy pops out instead of a girl, he’s gonna be wearing a lot of pink!!! Good luck 🤞🏼

That is really fascinating! I think, from memory, all the margin of error in the Harmony gender result is for female babies, I thought when a male is detected it is 100% certain except in cases such as “vanishing twins” or multiple pregnancies.

Enjoy your lovely baby when she arrives and if it’s a boy after all, society might just have to adjust its stereotypes for pink for a while! ☺️

Thank you for the good wishes! You’re right. If Y trace DNA is found in Mum, there’s little disputing presence of a male in some form. Good luck to this lady also! Yikes one week to go for me… 😬

Thanks everyone! Best of luck to you all with your little bundles of joy xx

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