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Pregnancy test

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I'm due my period in 3 days and I took a test and I've had all test that have had a faint line and it's constant faint line with different day testing is it a positive or negative

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Looks like a negative test to me

Sorry I can't see a second line, maybe wait until you miss your period, you'd get a stronger result then x

Hi there, I can't see the line at all? I would wait till the day of your period and then test. Also maybe try a clearblue as that will literally tell you "pregnant" or "not pregnant". I hope this helps. Best of luck!

Have you tried testing again or has your period come?

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boobear17 in reply to Sunnyday33

Not tried testing as I started bleeding but it was brown but when I put a pad on there's nothing on the pad this started this morning

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