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Normal delivery

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Hlo dear is it possible to have normal delivery on 38 weeks ??

What can I do to induce labor, so that it starts on 38weeks ??.

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Why do you want to give birth at 38 weeks?

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Momtob in reply to Bella_Bee

My due date is very confusing... Doctor due date and usg due date doesn't match at all... Since my period used to be irregular.. So to follow which date I don't know...

It doesn’t matter what you try to induce labour yourself, it won’t work unless your body is ready. Keep as active as you can, use a gym ball to sit on- don’t bounce, rotate your hips. Some women try curry’s, raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, bumpy car rides lol the list goes on.

Why don’t bounce? I’ve heard bouncing can help move the baby down the canal and (in my case) break waters. I very much need this as I’m 40+5 and having my waters broken come hell or high water tomorrow in hospital, where I’d planned a home birth at home. So curious as to why you said don’t bounce

Its what my midwife told me. She said it didn’t do much. I can’t remember specifically but something along the lines of rotating and pressure on the cervix and stimulating it to dilate or begin to dilate.

Yes I’ve read that too - I’ve been doing both bouncing and rotating. I said to the obstetrician should I be bouncing on the ball and she said yeah well you never know it might help

Yes dear.... I do agree.... Leaving everything in God hand..

Why do you want to have your baby by week 38? It's quite impossible to choose unless you've booked an elective c section then you can have it on your due date. Usually if you're healthy and no issues then you have to wait until your body is ready! But if you have Any problems then call in and speak to the maternity unit and they will bring u in for an assessment and decide whether to have it early or not . Only they can give you a pictocon hormone to induce labour but again that doesn't always work. I had all that and went to 40 + 3 weeks. Average time is 40 weeks according to my midwife

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Momtob in reply to Shopper85

Because my due date is not fixed.. Due to my irregular period...

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Milliemoo6 in reply to Momtob

I still don't understand why you want to have baby at 38 weeks? Scans are much more accurate at predicting gestation than going by your last period, so I'd trust the date given by your doctor. Baby will come when it's ready, unless your doctor advises an induction. You can try things like curry's, sex, exercise, etc but not really until you're 40 weeks

Walk round and round and up and down. I had mine at 13 days overdue and those 13 days felt like years. Between week 40 and 41 I walked a total of 36.4km (according to my app) by walking round and the park every day that week. I walked up and down 3 flights of stairs 20 times and bounced on my ball and did squats and lunges. I think had I started my exercise routine earlier, say week 38/39 and done it gently. The baby would have come out on week 40 like I thought he would. But he didn't want to come out so I had to serve the eviction notice and get the bailiffs in by exercising like a crazy person that last week.

My advice is start exercising moderately from now.

Didn't you have a stretch and sweep at week 40.or 41?

I went for my week 40 midwife appointment and asked her to do the sweep and she was like you haven't dilated at all, I can't get my fingers in. I was shocked, that kick started my exercising. I thought by week 40, a sweep was a given but not if the cervix is closed like mine was. By the time I exercised over that week, I gained a 1cm dilation which was enough for a sweep at week 41. All that for just 1cm but worth it

Tanq dear for suggestions

I don’t think you can do anything to make baby come out, sometimes they just don’t want to.I had my 2nd at 40 weeks + 15 days and I tried everything to start labour as I really didn’t want to be induced but nothing worked. In the end i had my waters broken.

Just try to stay active, lots of walking. Birthing balls are supposed to be really good, I never tried one but I’ve heard lots of other women recommend them.

Good luck x

Ok.. Tanq dear

My first came at 38 weeks, my second at 39. I did a lot of walking with both, for the second I had 2 sweeps before she came 1 day before my planned induction - doctors were worried because my first and second were small. They are both healthy and perfectly bright little nuisances. But if there is nothing wrong, they are not undernourished, your placenta isn't giving up, then your belly is the safest place for them. There they can grow the easiest.(Sperm is supposed to help with induction too, if you have a donor at hand. It has some hormones that apparently soften the cervix, and the slight push on the cervix can lead to induction (like sweeps). But both only help if your baby is ready anyway...)

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