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Covid booster in first trimester?

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Hi all,

I booked my covid booster for later this week, but wondering if anyone has gotten it in their first trimester? I’m already so nauseous that I’m afraid I’ll be really ill afterwards. I know the jabs are safe for pregnancy, but has anyone talked to their GPs about the benefits of getting it in early pregnancy vs waiting a bit?


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Hello. I had my second dose in my first trimester and like you was really struggling with sickness. I had it at 10.5 weeks and I didn’t have any side effects. I’ve just had my booster at 29 weeks after a very unwelcome return of sickness at 26 weeks. The jab didn’t seem to make it worse, I have felt tired but nothing a bit of rest and toast hasn’t solved.

On timing, I decided not to wait till my second trimester as I really didn’t want to get poorly and I was anxious every time I left the house but it is of course your decision. I’d had the first dose just a few days before starting IVF. I’m glad I did as I feel happy to be protected and my baby will be too.

I hope your sickness eases soon. x

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I’m booked for my booster jab on Saturday I’ll be 8 weeks 5 days and I’ve had constant nausea too! I called the midwife team and they said it’s fine to go ahead right away with the jab :)

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hello_world2 in reply to LittleOranges

Ah great to know, thank you!

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Hello! I’ve also booked mine for later this week and am currently 9 weeks. I was on the fence about this also and wondering whether to delay getting it to beginning of Jan where I would be around 12 weeks. However both midwife and GP confirmed the current guidance from RCOG doesn’t (now) discriminate between trimesters… on balance I’ve decided to get it sooner rather than later, given that immunity takes some time to kick in and the high rates of transmission around; I’d be worried about being more exposed for a couple of weeks beginning of next year if we are expected to go back into work.

I don’t know if this is ultimately the right decision but sharing my thoughts anyway; and thank you to those have posted already, it really helps to see some other people’s views.

I have also been feeling very nauseous and I hope yours (and mine!) eases soon!

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I had my 3rd jab yesterday and am fine:). Definitely recommend it. Most people in the hospital with covid are pregnant mothers, so why would you take that risk?

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Comments like this, which are completely false are dangerous. You are completely entitled to your opinion but you’re posting absolutely false, scaremongering information alongside it which could scare someone into making a decision for the wrong reasons.

There is significant evidence that catching covid in your third trimester without being vaccinated doubles your risk of having a stillbirth and puts you at a three times higher risk of going into preterm labour. There is ZERO evidence that having the vaccine whilst pregnant causes any of the things you’ve mentioned above.

For anyone who is trying to make this choice, please look at the RCOG for guidance based on actual facts and real world data:

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I’ve reported your comment and hope it gets taken down. Completely up to you whether you get vaccinated but please don’t try scaremongering on a pregnancy site when government and scientific guidelines show that pregnant women benefit from being vaccinated.

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Hello. I was in the same situation with my 2nd jab I didn't know wether to have it at 10 weeks or wait until I reached 2nd trimester. I decided to have it at 10 weeks and I'm fine currently at 28 weeks with a boy who's scans are good so far. I'm planning on having my booster tomorrow. X

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Your opinion is just that, it's not based on facts or evidence.Millions of people have had the vaccine with very minimal adverse reactions and having the vaccine during pregnancy is proving to be the much safer option than catching Covid during pregnancy. Insulting people calling then sheep or that they're just following the government is not a great way to speak to people.

I really hope you have a look at some proper data for covid rates and pregnancy and change your mind about having the vaccine. I'm sure if you spoke to your midwife they can tell you more about why you should get your vaccinations. Although I think maybe your account may just be for trolling as it appears to have been deleted?

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I’m so sorry to hear you are I’ll with Covid - it must be scary for you!

in reply to sj482

Thank you! Yes it's been hard, luckily I think I've made it through the worst part 🙏🏻 x

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Watching this thread with interest. I am double jabbed, and unfortunately had covid at the beginning of October. I’m currently 5 weeks. I had to go through ivf so am currently on lots of fake hormone drugs. I really don’t know what do do - I have read lots and and the articles (published) seem to be based on people having the vaccines from 6 weeks gestation, but there seems to be little research done into the added effect of fake hormones. I want to protect myself and my baby and others around me - it’s such a difficult decision! Can anyone correct me if I am wrong but the dangers of covid are more pronounced at the end of second and in the third trimester.

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Seb9 in reply to sj482

I think the danger with getting Covid-19 in the first trimester is that there may be higher risk of fever which may be associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, because the body isn't able to regulate temperature. In the later stages of pregnancy the risk is more for the mother because of you have breathing difficulties, you already have reduced lung capacity because of baby and you can't be placed on your front which is one way they assist with breathing if you're hospitalised.

A large study also found a higher risk of still birth and premature birth when the mother was diagnosed with covid in late pregnancy, with babies now likely to need intervention and neonatal care.

Do you have to take the hormones throughout your pregnancy or do you stop them at some point? Maybe if you stop them you could have the booster after you stop?

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sj482 in reply to Seb9

Hi, I stop taking them at 12 weeks - its a really hard decision and completely get not wanting to get a fever in the first trimester - I also don't want to get that as a reaction for the jab! its such a hard decision to know what is for the best!

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Seb9 in reply to sj482

The good thing about the jab, is that you know from data that the fever is not very bad, not everyone gets it and it doesn't last long, you can also be prepared for it by taking some paracetamol after or having some ready to take if you feel a fever coming.My fear when I was pregnant wa that a high fever would be my first indication I had Covid and that it would be hard to bring under control as I wouldn't know how ill I was going to be.

I had both my vaccinations while I was pregnant, and was lucky enough to have no side effects apart from a slighty sore arm. I took paracetamol the first time but for my second Jab I didn't and didn't have any fever at all.

My little one is 3 months old now, I actually booked my jabs as soon as I could when the advice from the RCOG came out, having followed some of the studies in the US I had seen that having the vaccinations while pregnant seemed the far safer option, so I would have no hesitations to get the booster, I'm booked in to have mine tomorrow to get topped up 😁

Good luck with your decision, it is a tough one and best of luck with your pregnancy, hoping it's a happy healthy one ♥️

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sj482 in reply to Seb9

Thank you! Really helpful to know! Thank you for sharing!

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hello_world2 in reply to sj482

You could also talk to your midwife about her advice once you’re assigned one. That’s why I decided to get mine now. Also, at the vaccination clinic, they ask you if you’re pregnant and if you say yes, they give you the vaccine at lowest risk to pregnant women (which in my case was Pfizer). The volunteer said it was the vaccine with the most studies that was found to be very safe for pregnant women.

I know it varies person to person, but my husband got Moderna and had flu-like symptoms, but I had none!

Good luck on your pregnancy!

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sj482 in reply to hello_world2

Thank you! I won’t get assigned a midwife until after my 7 week scan! :) but really good advice! Husband had Moderna today and has a really sore arm!! Hopefully most places have Moderna and Pfizer from what you are saying?

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Purpledoggy in reply to sj482

I had my first one at 13 weeks, second at 21, and not a whiff of a fever for either. In the big US prelimary study, pregnant women got far fewer side effects than non-pregnant, and I must say I escaped side effects from my jabs far more than my husband and friends. I am also an IVF pregnancy and actually had been worried about having the AZ jab while I was going through stims as I have had a blood-disorder involving low platelets before, and stims carry a very small risk of thrombotic disease. My clinic advised not having the jab at that stage in the cycle so I just waited until the cycle was done, which ended up being successful, and had the Pfizer jab after first trimester (which was the advice at the time). There isn't really a scientific reason why Pfizer/Moderna should interact negatively with progestrone +/- oestrogen - I would probably be more hesitant with AZ (given my history) but you would not be offered that pregnant anyway. xx

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sj482 in reply to Purpledoggy

Thank you!

in reply to Seb9

You are spot on! I'm in the first trimester and have had a fever for few days and have been extremely worried! I was frequently taking paracetamol which seemed to help bring it down but was really scary!

When I was in A&E all the doctors said the risks are far greater in the second and third with exactly the reasons that you have said above!

The gynaecology doctor that saw me said there was currently a lot of ladies in ICU with covid and pregnant - many of which are unvaccinated and there was a couple with me in A&E (Well the covid A&E bays).

Thank you for spreading actual facts unlike the other lady 🙄 x

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I've just had my booster yesterday - Moderna.

I'm 11 weeks and still suffering from all-day nausea. I felt a bit sick at the vaccine centre but was in and out relatively quickly and took some water and snacks which I ate in the car (you don't have to sit and wait for 15 mins any more in the UK but you are told to sit and wait in your car for 15 mins before you drive. So I sat for 15 mins eating orange club biscuits, lol.

Today (24 hrs later) I've got a bit of a sore arm like after any vaccine but so far nothing else - it doesn't seem to have made my nausea or tiredness worse. My husband had it yesterday too and he was a bit hot and cold in the night but fine again this morning.

I wanted to get my booster ASAP due to Omicron and wanting to spend time with elderly relatives after Christmas. I feel a lot more secure having had it - especially as we had a bit of a scare last week after coming in contact with a positive case.

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