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Nervous.. AM I PREGNANT?

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Okay so.. I decided to take a test because my breast have been hurting since Oct 22nd and till this day they hurt a lot. I’ve been having gag reflexes.. but I took this test and it’s showing a faint line? Am I right? Or am I seeing things. Please help!!

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If the line came up within the time frame on your test instructions then it looks positive.

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dcruz14 in reply to Seb9

Oh okay! This was after the time frame. Thank you

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Then you probably need to do another test, if the line comes up on the time frame it's positive otherwise it could be an evaporation line, maybe try a digital test or pink dye as they don't have evaporation lines so give you a easier to read test.

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dcruz14 in reply to Seb9

Got it! Thank you so much!

The best tests I have found are the strips you can get in Savers. They are the same ones the Drs use and they are not expensive. Good luck!

It doesn't look positive from what I can see. Look out for a missed period as that is a more sure sign than sore boobs. I also think a pink dye cheaper test is easier to read than the clear blue ones

its hard to tell from this picture. I had a very faint line on one so faint o thought I was imagining it because my partner couldn’t see it. In the end I decided to buy the expensive one that says pregnant or not pregnant. 😄

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