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Chlorine taste in water and pregnancy

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Hello everyone. I am 25 weeks pregnant and I usually drink tap water but only after it is filtrated through a jar. I did it today. However, the water tasted like chlorine. I drank a little bit and threw away the rest. Can this harm the baby?

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No, if you're on the UK if there was a problem with the water that made it unsafe to drink, the water board would have to notify anyone it was affecting and provide drinking water to you while they resolved the problem.

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Rex2021 in reply to Seb9

I am in the Uk, yes. Thank you for your feedback!

Hi there, I'm 21 weeks pregnant and have experienced the same thing: I was told that they found traces of E.coli in the water in the region where I live. I immediately started to boil water and use mineral water. I don't think that your baby is in trouble because you have filtered the water before you drank, which was not the case for me. I have contacted the midwife to know if baby and me are alright, to be on the safe side. If you are worried, I would suggest that you speak to your doctor, and that you drink a lot of mineral or boiled water to cleanse your system. Hope this helps:)

I don’t know for sure, but we live somewhere without mains water and I can always taste and smell the chlorine in tap water at other peoples houses, maybe your pregnancy taste buds are just picking up on it. The water board would have to tell you if there was a problem with the supply making it unsafe to drink.

I would definitely only drink bottled water from now on, they are putting more flouride chemical in water now which is a neurotoxin. X

I've not been able to drink tap water through this pregnancy as it tastes so chemically. I've stuck with bottled or filtered tap water. Believe you have to watch how much sodium level is is in bottled though as some can be high.

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Me too. I only drink filtered water. However, that one time, even the filtered water had that specific taste.

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