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Short Cervix and Sleep orgasm

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I am 21 weeks pregnant and this happened. My cervix is 26mm long. The last time this happened I was 12 weeks and bled for 15 days. I know I must abstain from sex and I don't know about orgasms. Has anyone experienced this?

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Hi, I’m sorry you have to worry about all this! It’s very stressful!

I think technically your cervix is not necessarily classified as “short” as the cut off for that is 25mm but I can understand you are concerned as it seems borderline. The advice to abstain from sex when cervix is short is based on the theory that the oxytocin released from an orgasm could trigger labour but that has not been supported by research. Doctors like to be cautious.

Specific research on this actually showed the opposite. Women with a cervix shorter than 25mm who were placed on activity and sex restrictions were more likely to deliver before 37 weeks than the women with no restrictions. That could mean that complete lack of activity (sex or otherwise) actually increases the risk, although it doesn’t necessarily prove it.

There is a summary of the research on this link: obgyn.onlinelibrary.wiley.c...

Overall please don’t worry! Pregnancy is full of hormones, many changes and feelings will happen to your body. You will orgasm during your sleep and that is unlikely to create any problems at all. In fact it might be helpful to your body doing it’s thing.

I hope you are seeing a consultant and they can offer you proper advice on this, rather than rely on the practical advice of midwives.

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Thank you for your feedback!

I had a 24mm cervix from week 10 with twins. Worried whole way through but they were born fine. Didn’t have sex (wasn’t told not to just didn’t feel like it as very sick in pregnancy) but did have a few sleep orgasms and would worry too. All the hormones I guess. One think that I think may have helped was progesterone pessaries - worth asking g about if not already on them x

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Thank you for sharing this. I am still be monitored. They didn’t put in pressaries yet. I ask them this question next time I go there.

Hi there, I have a short cervix - 1.9cm. I had a cerclage put in at 12 weeks (I'm now 35 weeks) and had at least one sleep orgasm a week from then until probably the beginning of the third trimester. It was upsetting me as I worried what is was doing or that it would set off contractions but it hasn't done that so far and all is well. :)

Thank you for your reply! Good to know

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