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I need help asap with this test

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I am very young and I’m not planning on getting pregnant right now but these tests look maybe positive all my tests have a faint faint line, its been a week since ive missed my period.

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If you've taken that photo within the test time to read it definitely looks like a positive, that plus you missing your period would be a strong indication that you're pregnant.If you contact your GP they can discuss your options with you and give you advice.

It’s quite a faint line for 7 days after a missed period. You could try a ‘first response early’ test as they don’t really get evaporation lines. Or, talk to your gp and ask them to confirm by blood test (they may not be able to right now due to the blood tube shortage though). xx

That’s what my first pregnancy test by Clearblue looked like and it was positive, I did another one 2 days later (First Reaponse that time) and it was a lot clearer. Maybe do another test tomorrow and then give your GP a call. Wishing you all the best x

Looks positive, but I’d try again in a couple of days and see if the line gets stronger

Try a digital one. Mine looked like this:

Digital pregnancy test

That looks positive to me. If you’ve had unprotected sex this month then you could be pregnant. As you’re period hasn’t arrived yet either that’s also a strong indication. Get a digital if you can as that will give you a clearer answer.

Hi lovely, looks like a positive to me and if it’s been a week since your missed period you’re likely to get a clear reading, but it might be worth getting a digital clear blue one.. but they are pretty pricey. As some of the other ladies have said, I’d contact your doctor and they should be able to do another test with you to confirm if you truly are pregnant or not and then they can discuss your options with you.

Coming from someone who is very much of the pro choice belief, you have to do what’s right for you and no one else. Don’t let anyone else sway your decision either wagX but have a good chat with someone you can trust to weigh up all of your options.

Best of luck ❤️❤️❤️

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Maaaybeanna in reply to Jane_e

thank you so much! it was fainter the second time I took one now waiting to get a digital test but still no period, fingers crossed in my case that im not but I should find out for sure soon

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