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Help mummy’s, hair loss & my son hates solids 😢

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Hi all,

I just wanted some advice my son is 21 weeks old so just short of 6 months I have tried him on only baby rice and a little baby porridge and it’s safe to say he hates it. He just screams and cry’s 😢 I know it’s still early days so I’m hoping to give him so more time as I don’t want to push him. Anyone got any advice on this or had any little ones with a similar situation.??? He is so particular he is so fussy even with his bottles. He’s still on the cow and gate baby bottle starter set as he with only drink from these 🤷‍♀️ he doesn’t like any other bottle. I’m so worried he’s not going to take to solids.

Just another question about a month ago so 4 month postpartum I noticed that I am going thin round the front hairline on the sides. My friend asked me if I had alopecia. Did this happen to anyone else. I wouldn’t say it’s bold but it looks bold and the hairs are so fine. Any tips? Is this normal or should I go and see a doctor?

Thank you ☺️❤️❤️ xxxx

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Firstly, hair loss at this stage is completely normal. Annoying, but normal. It will ease up, mines still looking a bit thin and my little one is 16months now.

As for solids, just take your time. Revisit in a few weeks with some puréed veggies or if he’s sitting unaided etc give him some soft finger foods. Some take longer than others. My kids were so keen at 6 months but my friends daughter is only really eating properly at 2 years old. He will get it eventually x

It's probably worth trying things like fruit and veg either finger food or puree depending on what method you want to use. I dont think baby rice etc is recommended anymore as first foods as they are very bland. My first never liked baby porridge but loved fruit and veg etc and before that we couldn't even get her to have calpol. Or have anything other than breast milk straight from me as she refused all bottles. She is now 3 and eats pretty much everything.

Hi there, unfortunately can't advise on the hair loss but if you're worried you could talk to a gp see if they can do some blood tests.Re solids, don't worry too much at this age its supposed to be to introduce them to it, so they only have like 1-2 teaspoons and that slowly creeps up to a couple table spoons by 10+ months. It's really not a lot. It's really more to just get them used to different textures in their mouth. Let your son play with the food and give him a sippy cup of water aswell. My son was okay with food as long as I fed him but didn't take to drinking from anything until almost 1. Just keep offering but don't get too frustrated x

Thanks for your kind words. I will just keep trying in small doses. I might give him a little longer as he still is only young.

He loves his milk so much and it’s definitely making him out weight on so I am happy with that xxxx 💗


I was told by midwives and the health visitor to wait introducing solids until my baby showed an active interest in food. I knew she was ready when she started reaching out for things on my plate and trying to eat them. She was just over 6 months then. I did baby-led weaning and frankly all she did the first few weeks was lick slices of orange and potatoes etc. They don’t have a mature enough digestive system to break down food until about 9 months, so until then it’s all about experiencing flavours. Milk is still where they get all their nutrition so I wouldn’t worry too much about what they do with food until about 1 year old.

I would say your baby is just not ready yet and may just need some more time.

Hair loss is very common after birth. It is usually temporary and it should all go back to normal when your body is ready. I remember a friend saying she had to change her haircut for a few months to cover up bald spots after birth and she is completely fine now. So not usually something to worry about as long as it doesn’t affect you too much. A good hairdresser might help!

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did hear that too. I think I will just give him some more time and try again around 9 months. Maybe try with fruit and veg and let him have a nice flavour rather than bland porridge xxxx

Thanks for advice on the hair. I did read this on the internet but I couldn’t help but worry as my hair as always been so thick. I might get some supplements that might help too xxxx

Hi there . Would start him with pureed veg like carrots and try a few spoonfuls everyday. It's a long process and you need to be patient My 2 kids were the same. But definitely fruit and veg first so they like the taste and its good for them. You can get lots of great recipes online x

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Thanks for your reply! This sounds like the best option for me! Maybe the porridge is a bit bland. Like you said fruit and veg might be best xxxx ❤️

My little girl took ages to get used to solids, I think she just didn't like the feeling of it in her mouth at first, and of course I got stressed out about it - looking ahead, imagining how every meal time was going to be a battle. So dramatic!! And totally overreacting, she eats really well now, she just needed time to get used to it - it must be weird for them, if you think about it.Some tips for baby led, which worked well for us, was to have her at the table with us during meal times, even if she didn't end up eating anything, but to let her see us eat. Let her play with the food, but without expectations of her eating anything, just getting interested in it. And not to force it.

Don't stress about it, it's really early days still, let him take his time and get used to it. Good luck xxx

Thank you for your reply!

Yes I agree there is still plenty of time. I will keep trying I just worry it’s not going to happen but like you said it’s about doing it slowly and keep introducing it to him. Like you said it must be so unusual when they are so used to just having liquids xxxx

Fingers crossed he’s okay in the near future xxx

The hair loss is totally normal! Mine was the worst around the 6 month mark, I looked like I had a receding hairline but it’s starting to grow back now and my little one is 9 months so don’t stress! Worth getting some hair vitamins to help with regrowth.

Basically your hair doesn’t shed when you’re pregnant like it normally does so once you’ve had your baby and your hormones settle, all that hair that should have come out in the past year, does! Shitty but it will come back xxxx

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Faith103 in reply to KiboXX

Thanks so much for your reply!

I did read this on the internet so I feel a bit more at ease the fact you have confirmed it. It’s round the front of my hair line on each side.

I was thinking of going to Holland and Barrett and getting some supplements. I was worried it was something more serious 😞 xxxx

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KiboXX in reply to Faith103

I got some hair gummies from there, mine is growing back pretty well so I think they are helping! You’ll have a really wanky looking fringe of baby hairs soon 🥴😂 xx

I would echo what everyone else has said. I offer veg only the first few days, pureed Carrott, sweet potato and butternut squash. We started about a week before he was 6 months. I personally wouldn't wait to long, I'd leave it a couple of weeks and try again. Then keep going even if he doesn't seem to like it

Before I was pregnant my hair was falling out loads not patches just a lot of loss to my usual very thick hair I think it was because I had 3 miscarriages hormones all over and I changed my diet aswel lost a lot of weight so maybe that too, I feel for you as it’s quite worrying as if it’ll go back to normal. During my pregnancy my hair has grown back again so 🤞🏼 it won’t fall out again. Maybe try biotin supposed to help hair growth.

As for baby weaning I wouldn’t stop trying him with foods just keep offering different thing and textures I think my little boy will want food ASAP he’s so greedy he’s 6w has 6oz of hungry baby milk every 2 hrs lol

I had the same problems , he can still be difficult to eat now and he’s 15 months . Try the purée fruit and the purée carrot that might help because they are sweet .y little boy didn’t like baby rice at all

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