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Second covid vaccine in first trimester?

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I've searched for info on my specific situation and can't find anything similar so hoping someone can help!

I had my first AZ vaccine on 26th April - nearly 11 weeks ago. I was due my second last week but have postponed it as I am just about 6 weeks pregnant. Has anyone gone ahead and had their second vaccine in the first trimester? If I wait until after 12 weeks gestation, I will be well passed the recommended dose between vaccines and I'm unsure where this leaves me as far as efficacy of vaccine.

I've asked a few GPs/medical professionals and the bottom line is that it's safe in pregnancy and some say I can get it now while others say wait until after 12 weeks but no one seems to know my query regarding efficacy.

I don't know what to do!

Thank you!


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The problem is no one knows re efficacy if you have a delayed gap because there’s no data on it. But, a late second jab is better than no jab, especially as things stand with the pandemic right now. From an immunological stand point, a second jab at 17 weeks after the first instead of 12 weeks (if I did my maths correctly!) is unlikely to be massively different, and certainly going to boost you above the 1 jab. In Canada everyone is getting the second jab 4 months after the first so you’d be fitting in with them, and I’m not aware they are having vaccine failures because of it this extended gap, although I have not looked into their data specifically (husband’s family are all over there and half are in the medical profession). The adenovirus vector is more established in animal models of pregnancy than the mRNA vaccines, so in theory should actually be safer in first trimester, but there is far more data on mRNA COVID vaccines specifically in pregnant women. I actually think whichever way you want to go would be fine and you should base your decision on how at risk you are now-are you working at home or in a high risk work setting? Xx

Thank you for your response. I don’t work in a high risk setting so that doesn’t play a part and my husband has had his two doses so I’m protected somewhat from that at home. I have a 6 and 4 year old who will be in camps etc this summer so I’m exposed by them in some way. I hadn’t realised the gap was so lengthy in Canada-that’s reassuring!

Good morning, I had my first AZ jab March, fell pregnant in April, I have refused any further vaccine whilst pregnant. From my point of view they are saying the vaccine is safe for pregnant women but as this is a new vaccine nobody can tell me if there maybe any long term effects on the baby so I refuse to take the risk. Everybody is entitled to their own choice and that is mine I refuse. I think everybody has to make the choice depending on their own circumstances, if you're in high risk category or work in an office for example you may choose it is worth it. They did say however that AZ is not suitable for pregnant women only the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine is recommended. There was also a study done that says even one dose of the AZ vaccine is something like 75% effective.

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I agree I have made the same decision. I will not have my dose until after I've breastfed my baby ( only 7 weeks pregnant) I worry about what the long term effects might be on a baby. Definitely think it's an individual choice Xx

I appreciate you response, thank you. I already have two children and both will be school age by September and I definitely want to have had a second dose by then. No one knows what autumn/winter will bring and I want to be covered!

I’m in exactly the same boat and agree. First Astra Zeneca jab in March before I fell pregnant. I’m 17 weeks today and I’m likely leaving the 2nd until the baby is born. Everyone is saying the benefits outweigh the risks but that’s not proven with this type of jab so how can that be said! It’s going directly into the placenta and no one knows the effects

I had mine during the first weeks of pregnancy ( I didn’t know I was pregnant yet) I am 10 weeks now … so far everything is going well . I can update as time goes on :)

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Great to hear you are doing well! Did you get AZ?

I had my second jab at 7weeks pregnant. AZ as it was what I’d had for the first. I work in a profession which is medical and public facing and personally reducing my risk of contracting Covid is important for my pregnancy. They double checked before giving it and there is now data from the USA apparently.

That’s reassuring thank you. Did you ring the vaccine centre to query AZ before you went ahead?

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Hiya. I haven't been able to find any data for the AZ one hence I’m not having the second yet. Could you please point me in the right direction 😊

I just turned up as that was my booking time. They checked there and then whether it was ok and I was more than prepared to go home if they said it wasn’t suitable

Ok that’s good. I wondered whether I should just go down and see what they say. Do you mind me asking if your scan looked good?

Hi Clare! I’m having the same dilemma at the moment and finding a lot of the medical professionals being very non-committal. I’m due to have second dose (Pfizer) next week which would be week 6. I’m definitely going to have it during pregnant but debating delaying it until at least after week 8 or 10. My GP said if you want to be 100% safe wait until after 12 weeks but that it’s likely it would be fine, but to definitely get it before 28 weeks. I forgot to ask her about the efficacy of postponed second dose but that’s a good question so I will follow up. Also going to try and get thoughts from a couple of other midwife friends etc. and then decide. It’s such a tough one isn’t it as you also don’t want to get covid during the first trimester, and with everything opening up can make it even more stressful. Good luck and let me know what you decide. For what it’s worth my friend had her first dose at week 6 of pregnancy and she’s doing fine.

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