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Advice please??

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I am really confused. I have been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year, had all the doctor checks and all is fine my periods returned properly after the depo six months ago.

I am following the Flo cycle chart App and it told me last week the days i was most fertile but when i used the clear blue ovulation sticks it said low fertility on those days.

Which one am i supposed to follow? The flo chart seemed bang on my symptoms but then the sticks said low - maybe its just my urine that doesnt pick up the hormone?

I am taking folic acid every day but just not getting pregnant :(

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The best way I found is to chart your cervical mucus, when it's egg white then that's your fertile zone, I'd use the Flo app as a rough guide it doesn't know your specific cycle, I used it with ovulation strips that I found on Amazon that were around 120 in a box and I used them throughout when I thought my fertile period would be. Because the hormone comes and goes quite quickly it doesn't always give a very strong result but we had sex every other day during the Flo fertile period and the ovulation strips did have darker days.Using the clear blue ovulation tests mean you have to really use them at the exact time you're ovulating to get a decent result which I found impossible to predict. Good luck

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Thanks so much. My partner is due to start going back offshore when this Covid starts to ease so I’m panicking that the times he is home I won’t be fertile or not much time in the window.

I’m trying to relax but really thought it would have happened by now.

Hello, i assume your partner has had fertility checks too? X

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Lulu2611 in reply to Ladypii

Hello, Yes he has.

He was also a sperm donor (just once) before we met and the lady conceived successfully. x

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Ladypii in reply to Lulu2611

Oh i see, thats good to know. I agree with everything Seb has said. I would take the view of the ovulation strips, over the flo app though as i found my dates were out compared to the flo app xx

I was trying for a few months following my apps etc. Then started the clearblue ovulation strips and turns out my window is later (probably pushed as my periods were 7-10 days) follow the strips and good luck!!

I only tried the ovulation sticks one cycle and I never got a peak but did get pregnant that cycle with just having sex every 2-3 days. It took me a long time to concieve.

Thanks everyone I’ll keep trying 🤞

Hi! I wanted to say that I never got lucky with the ovulation strips - I don't believe they are accurate at all. I think there is too much variation with how much hydrated you are, for example. Using them on;y caused me disappointment and stress (I am 36 so I thought that's it I'm not fertile anymore...) So I decided to forgo them altogether and use a simple method of timing intercourse on certain days and I got pregnant first try. Just before it worked I purchased one of these, which I think would be much more efficient and accurate! I don't know why no one mentions them? Just before you ovulate, salt crystals in your saliva (and cervical mucous) form a distinct pattern when drying to the air so you know now is the time: time I'll either use this (or nothing) but certainly not ovulation strips. And an app is helpful but there is no one-size fits-all (for example, apparently I ovulated on day 8 of my cycle, not 14!).

Good luck.

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Lulu2611 in reply to Sevy571

Hello,Wow thank you so much.

You have said everything I am absolutely thinking, yes the ovulation strips make me very stressed as no matter what week I check I get the blank circle.

I think I might take a look at the saliva test.

I do have the Flo app and I must say when it said I was ovulating I did have the pain that seemed to coincide with the “implantation pain” they say you should feel.

Congratulations on your pregnancy :)

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Sevy571 in reply to Lulu2611

When I was a teenager, I swear I could feel my ovulation every month, alternating sides. But not any more xD Thank you very much! If it can help, the "technique" we used to time sex was this: we ditched the ovulation tests and just did it as often as we could in those few days (it gets exhausting). I think reducing levels of stress and anxiety are really key.

I hope it works for you too soon : ) Best wishes.

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