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Nearly 16 weeks and not felt nothing!

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I’m currently 15+5 and haven’t yet felt any kicks or anything from the baby, had a scan last week at 14+4 and everything was fine. What point did everyone start feeling movements? I’m really concerned, I’ve seen many woman feel movement/kicks as early as 13/14 weeks and I yet to feel anything ☹️ It’s worrying me that maybe something is wrong. I’ve had 2 miscarriages so this is our little miracle and I can honestly say I’m not enjoying this pregnancy I’m just worried all the time and don’t know what to expect, midwifes aren’t really informative or supportive in my opinion. This is the furthest we have been along and everything is going “well” so far..

Thank you xx

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Try not to worry about not feeling them yet, I’m currently 21 weeks with my second and only really started feeling the kicks from about 18-19 weeks, now they keep me awake at night! 😬

I understand that you are worrying because of your history of MC, hopefully you will start to feel them soon, as the stress isn’t good for you either! Stay strong and try to enjoy this time. X

Hi ya. I wouldn’t worry at all. They say if it’s your first baby it takes a bit longer for you to realise that you are feeling kicks.

I didn’t feel anything so went for a 20 week scan and the consultant showed us our little girl kicking which I thought was just wind 🙈. She hasn’t stopped kicking since !!

U have lots of time yet. Good luck x

Hi hun, try not to worry. This is my 4th pregnancy and this baby is IVf. The other pregnancies were natural. I was worried at 17 weeks not felt anything. Hit 18 weeks and we have rolling, popping and it hasn’t stopped. Still no pattern. I can’t remember the flutters from my other pregnancies but I do remember 20 weeks hit and they were all kicking away. Big hugs. It’s hard for the midwifes they have guidelines to follow. I was shocked at 16 week appointment they no longer listen when in previous pregnancies that was the reassurance before 20 weeks. X

This is my first pregnancy, so no idea really what I am feeling for. So hard in the day as there is so much else going on, so might not notice anything. I think on an evening when in bed I can feel something different, but I can’t say if it actually is movement or not .. again, probably because I do not know what it is meant to feel like. Almost like bubbles in my lower belly, but could be wind, and I do feel like I feel my aorta pulse a lot more at the moment, so not sure if that is making me think I feel something 😇😅🥰 I am currently 18 weeks +3days. I had a scan at week 13 and got another 2 weeks before my next scan, but this wait in between has been so hard and felt like the longest weeks ever 😇 I think it is because I am feeling much better in myself, nausea has settled (from week 16) and I am feeling more like myself. That on top of no movement yet, just makes you worry I think.

I hope you can manage to find techniques to relax and settle the worry a little. Little one will be small still, so kicks won’t feel like kicks just yet I suppose, but soon!! It will grow and all that kicking practice will make it stronger 🤞🥰 Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy!! Xoxo

As the others said above, I can totally understand why you are anxious but if it helps I didn’t feel anything til 23 weeks with my first! I was told that where the placenta is can make a difference - mine was anterior (at the front) so my little girl had a big squishy cushion to kick against and had to get a bit bigger & stronger before I could feel her. But whenever we had a checkup I was always told she was very wriggly - I just couldn’t feel it! If the scan showed everything ok then that’s great - and if you are still worried do call your local pregnancy advice line, I always find them so helpful. Take care. X

Morning, i’ve been in a similar situation to yourself and was worrying when I couldn’t feel kicks and movements early on.

Think around week 20/21 onwards the movements and kicks became more noticeable. Plus, i had an anterior placenta which made feeling movements and kicks more harder!

It might be worth asking next time you have a scan to see which way your placenta is x

Thank you everyone for your advice. Seems normal not to feel anything yet which has put my mind at risk! We have paid for so many private scans which may seem OTT but there’s no price I could pay for reassurance in all honesty. Our last scan was last week and bubs was moving around open closing his/her mouth so just got to think positive! Hopes not long and I start to feel movements but I at least know from your personal stories it’s normal!

Thanks again everyone 💖💖💖

I conceived in apr and didn’t feel any kicks until sept so about 25-26 weeks

Congratulations hun.

With my first pregnancy I felt “something “ between 13/14 weeks then kicking was more after week 20...I actually Sow kick on week 23 ...she all ready had pattern of “waking up 6.30 “moving and kicking a lots ☺️

I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant with my second one and first kicks (5 times in row )I felt 14 weeks ..,,and I actually Sow firsts kicks (two ) on 17weeks+ 1 day.

We having another girl but this one in general is quite quiet .

I can feel time to time movements but lots of painful “pushing me”. Every time I poke her response .

I bought Doppler so when she is to quiet I’m checking on her so that give me reassurance that she is ok.

I know is hard not to worry but every pregnancy is different and is to do with positions of your placenta . Xx

20 weeks with all my three before I felt something and not much at that point

I have three children and first felt their kicks at 24, 20 and 21 weeks. Definitely nothing to worry about.

I started to feel slight movement around 15w it’s not massive just little pops then gradually feels a little more but inconsistent I think from 16w-20w I had panicks as some days I hardly felt anything but I’m 29w now and he’s like a snake constantly wriggling lol

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