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Is this implantation bleeding or not!?!?!?

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I’m 5 days late. Suppose to start my period on 14th.

I’ve had a migraine/headache since last Friday. And all last week(week before suspected period) breast were so tender/sensitive, sense of smell was crazy.

12th I had spotting when I’d wipe. 13/14th dark brown “blood”

15th dark brown little more red but still more brown than anything.

16th brown when I wipe and brown on pad

17th (4 days late) spotting from 4-7pm light pink brown center

18th negative pregnancy test. Very very light cramps def not period cramps. But spotting watery pink and brown. From 12-2pm.

One friends thinks I’m just having a weird period.

Another friend thinks I was having a miscarriage.

Called PP told her what’s going on she thinks is implantation bleeding made an appointment for 22nd.

I’m so lost. I’m stressing out so badly my bf is just trying to be supportive and I’m just thinking about it nonstop!!! Can someone put my mind at ease!

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I would say it's a weird period. If you've had bleeding when you're expecting your period to come and you've had a negative pregnancy test, if it was an early miscarriage you might still get a positive test as the hormones in your body wouldn't leave your body straight away.

I was expecting my period on a Saturday. Light spotting, then a bit more, enough to use a tampon. Negative test. Thought I had a period albeit a bit light. The Wednesday after I had positive test (he was convinced I was as kept burping 🤣) now 15 weeks. Weird things happen even in tests which say work from a week before missed period. Don’t get your hopes up but you’ll just have to wait and see. I had a 6week miscarriage last year and would say that was very different to a period - increasing cramps for days and increasing bleeding rather than a normal people. I know none of this gives you an answer but hope to reassure you that being patient and waiting to see what happens is the best.

So was it?

May I know what the result was? Even I am going through the same phase and I am freaking out😔

What was the outcome?

Hello. What was your outcome?

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