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How does this work? First month. Ovulating. Period. Getting pregnant.

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So I need help. If I was ovulating the 11th had intercourse the 13th. Get my monthly the 29th. Is it possible I could be pregnant or no. Like I'm new to this. I'm confused on how it all works. Do you get your monthly the same month and next month not get it? Just if give some advice so to help me better understand things.

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Hi. If you get your period following ovulation and sex then it's very unlikely you are pregnant. You would usually miss a period the month you conceive. Also, you have a better chance of conceiving if you have sex in the lead up to, and on the day of ovulation. Your egg only survives around for 24 hours once released as opposed to sperm that can survive for up to 3-5 days giving it a better chance of meeting the egg once it is released. Good luck!

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Thank you. Okay. So I would to try before I ovulate. Right?

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Yes, the days leading up to and on the day of ovulation are best. If you knew when you ovulated then I'm assuming you are already tracking your cycles. You can buy some cheap ovulation sticks as well to help you pin point your fertile window, if you don't already fo this.

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So I have been tracking my cycles but I havent used the ovulation sticks. Do they sell them at regular stores?

Say a basic 28 day cycle so cd1 is your period start you’ll ovulate around cd14 then you have another 14 days until your next period that’s your luteal phase. So you need to have sex before ovulation as close to helps if you don’t know when you ovulate u can use opk I get ewcm before and cramps when I ovulate so I know. In your luteal phase if u conceive you’ll implant and can get a positive test the closer to your next period or missed is more accurate. Hope this helps and makes sense x

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I think you might throw a newbie with things like EWCM, without an explanation 😉

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Lol I know I thought that too! just google 😂

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I appreciate it. When would be the best time do use the opk. Like what days in the cycle would you test for? Would it be the 14th day?

The best thing you can do is to have sex every 2-3 days throughout your entire cycle to give the best chance of conceiving. It takes on average a year to get pregnant and you only have about a 25% chance each month to fall pregnant. If you are only just starting to try, try not to get too hung up on ovulation testing and monitoring. Good luck x

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Agree with this. The month I got pregnant I tried ovulation sticks and never got a peak but had sex every other day for 2 weeks mid cycle.

Thank you.

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Depends how long your cycle is, it usually tells you in the instructions say my cycle is 25 days I would test on cd 10 I ovu on cd12 with a 13 day luteal. But like someone suggested having regular sex every 2/3 days covers if you don’t know for sure ovulation.

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Okay. Thank you. I really appreciate it

Okay I have one more question. I'm not sure but I had the birth control "nexplanon" in my arm. I heard people saying once you get it that after it's hard trying to get pregnant. Is that true?

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It really depends some people will take a while to get back to a regular cycle and some come back to a regular cycle very quickly. It's down to the individual really.

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It’s not harder to get pregnant, but it can take up to a year for your cycles to become regular again, it varies from person to person, but it can take a perfectly healthy couple up to a year to fall pregnant anyway x

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As long as your cycle returns I don’t think so the depo injection can take a long time I didn’t get a period for 4 mths before I went on the pill not sure how long it would have taken. Wasnt ttc then

Okay. Thank you.

I used an app called My Tracker to track my cycle. Had sex on consecutive days when ovulating and conceived.

The apps work on an average and are not 100% accurate for you - you need to use ovulation sticks too if you’re wanting to know exact (you can then usually enter the data into the app and they will eventually start adjusting their predictions. I tracked my ovulation with clear blue ovulation sticks for about 4 months and worked out I didn’t ovulate on day 14, it was more like day 17 (but slightly changed each month). It took us 6 months to get pregnant. All the best for you :)

The ovulation sticks never worked for me so I stopped using them. It's very easy to miss the peak of the hormone and then you just get stressed!

Might be worth watching some YouTube videos on this. There's plenty of animations explaining the cycles and what happens to your body each month. Even with a science degree I watched them as it's a long time since I did female reproduction...

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