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Snacks and drinks for labour?

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Hi guys! I’m a FTM due Christmas Day🙈 I’ve got all my hospital bags packed but with covid I’ve been advised to take snacks and drinks with us for labour as we can’t leave once we’re in there! Can anyone recommend what might be best to pack and take in with us?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, I took in sports drinks for energy, and some sweets too. If you have a partner going in with you best take plenty for them - you’ll be fed after but they won’t! So pot noodles / pasta things for them, cold or hot drinks, cereal bars, anything they may like 😊

Hope all goes well!

I made the mistake with my 2nd I didn’t bring in any food I had missed my dinner then her labour was quite short so at 9.30pm My husband went home and I had nothing I was starving the next morning in this hospital u had to make your own breakfast and the bread was mouldy so didn’t have anything until my husband came in the next day. So pack sandwiches crisps fruit biscuits whatever. Also depends how long your in for.

I packed very healthily bananas, cereal bars, nuts, blackcurrant squash (I had gestational diabetes, so had to limit my sugar and carbs otherwise I'd have taken all the snacks, chocolate hobnobs, mars bars, energy drinks all the bad things 🤣

Hello dear, you will be given breakfast , lunch and dinner but if your patner is with you they wont be given any. So take something he likes to eat as well. You can also take sweets, crisps, cereal bars, wafer biscuits ( if you like them)and water ofcourse ( if you prefer mineral water). But to be very honest I did take all of that but did not end up eating much as I just wanted to go home with my baby. Who likes to stay at the hospital for long 😬

My advice take some rice crackers, healthy oat bars and etc portions are quite small in hospital and last meal its 6pm dinner after that no food till will get hungrybin a middle of the night....

You’ll want some isotonic sports drinks. You’ll need the energy :). Good luck, you’ll be amazing xxx

The only thing I could eat during labour was jelly puddings so I'd totally recommend that and anything that's easy to swallow, think if you were ill, what could you reliably eat. I was just so put off by the thought of eating anything that would dry my mouth at the time, I'm sure everyone feels different

Same as everyone else for me, I was during Covid too but was induced so was in for a while.I took cereal bars, apples, a bag or 2 of crisps, some fruit pastels for a bit of sugar, and then water and juice.

Though I must admit, once you're in the swing of things you aren't hungry 😂 I was force fed yoghurt by my boyfriend 😅

Out of my whole bag I only ate 1 cereal bar and that was as soon as I went in, and then I ate the breakfast and lunch provided the morning after ☺️

Been in for induction twice.

I took:

Isotonic sports drinksCapri sun drinks pouches

Little squeezy super concentrated cordial

Cereal bars


Mini cheddars

Chewable Glucose tablets for actual labour.

I found the hospital meals pretty good. Helped yourself to breakfast cereals and toast, hot cooked lunch served with at least 3 choices so was always something I wanted (though I'm not a fussy eater). Dinner was just a packaged sandwich though so the snacks were good for the evenings. There was also a supply of assorted biscuits with the tea and coffee making facilities too. I suppose it depends on the hospital?

I would recommend that you pay attention to how you are going to drink during established labour. If you're using gas and air for pain relief (which I cannot speak highly enough of!) It will dry your mouth out something crazy. Go for bottles with valves where you have to suck to drink so if you're on your back you don't choke trying to pour it in as you're breathing like a crazy woman. And pouches or cartons with straws are great for drinking from any angle, including on all fours. It's so glamorous... 😂

Hello agree sports drinks snacks and watever for when u have had baby as meals are given on wat previous person ordered if they r discharged I ended up with jacket potatoe and chips first night same plate nothing else lol and if u r given forms choose something filling even if ur going home don’t let the next mom go hungry xx

I can't give you any advice on what to eat or drink as I'm only in week 13 of my first pregnancy but I do wish you the best of luck for your Christmas baby, hope everything runs so smoothly for you! xxx

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