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Hi all,

How does everyone track their Ovulation ? Do you use sticks ? I ovulate quite late ... is there anything I can do to lengthen the luteal phase ?

Thank you !!

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Phone app (Apple) and after a year of no joy started with the Clearblue ovulation tests that give you 2-4 days ideal time.

Got pregnant 2 or 3 months after using those but have since miscarried.

kc21 in reply to Sprog

I’m sorry ! X I am currently going through a miscarriage and need to focus my mind on planning ahead x worst pain ever ... hope you are ok ! I’m gonna get the ovulation sticks ... I sometimes don’t ovulate until day 18-20!! So need to read up on that ... means my luteal phase is short ! Xxx baby dust to you x

Sprog in reply to kc21

I’m so sorry to hear that! 🙁

I almost laughed (and cried) out loud on some of the miscarriage leaflets. It’s was almost a literal list of all the things you can’t do in a lockdown. 😢I hope you’ve got a good support network around you. ❤️

I really liked the clearblue ones as they give you high and a peak reading too.

I miscarried almost a month ago, and had a negative pregnancy test at around 10 days later (I didn’t test before that) and ovulated soon after.

It’s nice to plan something.

I literally just bought/ate all the food I’d missed in the last 3 months!

kc21 in reply to Sprog

Yep will be getting some wine that’s for sure ... scan tomo so hopefully I can start process and close this chapter x

Sprog in reply to kc21

Hope it goes as well as it can x

Hi I was the same. Usually ovualted between day 27 onwards. However my luteal was always 10 days which I think is common. Could be the same for you. Because my period was so irregular and ovualtion I would start testing early like day 14 to start with and also monitored my basal temperature. I used the ovulation test kits of Amazon, I think there are like 60 in the box and they were just as reliable as any branded ones. It gave me success after a mmc. Best of luck to you x I found focusing on trying again the best distraction xx

kc21 in reply to Bobbie7

Thank you so much I’ll get some ! Cxx I think I need something to focus on .. how long did it take you to fall pregnant after your mmc? Xxxxx

Bobbie7 in reply to kc21

Yes definitely. I found it to be the only way. It did took us 8 months but I think I did put a lot of pressure on myself after the mmc. Eveyone says it and it's annoying to hear but somehow try to relax about the whole process and hopefully it will happen for you again soon xx best of luck ❤

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