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Membrane sweep?


Hi Ladies,

I am 39 weeks and my midwife offered a membrane sweep on week 40. Would you ladies mind sharing your experiences?

Thank you!

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I had one at 40 weeks. Didn't hurt, just a bit uncomfortable, and nothing happened. Finally had baby via c section at 40+6 after failed induction. Hope everything goes smoothly and baby doesn't keep you waiting too long!

ramdcg in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Thank you x

Its quite uncomfortable they walk around your cervix with 1-2 fingers you might have a little blood afterwards like spotting you could be slightly sore. It might start you off it didn't me i had 2. Good luck lovely x

Wow! That’s what I’ve heard, that they are not very effective. Thanks for sharing x

Could be different for you, you never know x

They couldn't do mine as my cervix was completely shut, then my waters broke 4 days later anyways. If they hadn't of broke I think I would of done anything to get him out as I was more uncomfortable than the sweep.

ramdcg in reply to Astoria20

Thanks for sharing x

I had one at 40+4 as my midwife said that they’re not as effective until you’ve gone past 40 weeks. I didn’t find it too uncomfortable and I went into Labour exactly 48 hours after she’d done it and she said that they give it up to that point to work - even if it doesn’t work I would say it’s worth having it because she was able to tell me how my cervix felt and whether I was starting to dilate etc so you can gage a better idea of labour and stuff! People will tell you that it’s super uncomfortable and painful and I was nervous about it but I honestly hardly felt it☺️

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Thank you for sharing! It’s good to read a good experience out of it x


I had one at 38+5 (my consultant wanted me to deliver before 40 weeks as I had gestational diabetes). It was uncomfortable, but over very quickly.

I went into labour later that day, that said I was 2cm dilated when the midwife did the sweep.

Good luck! X

ramdcg in reply to Suzannah1985

Thanks for sharing xx

Unless there is a good medical reason for it I am fiercely against any intervention before 42 weeks which is full term. It annoys me that we are forced to feel that past 40 weeks is overdue and we have to resort to interventions. A sweep is still an intervention! I think it's just convenient for health practitioners. Speaking of 40 or 42 weeks, it's all relative numbers and they always have some leeway (again, provided no medical conditions), it's not strict math.

I refused mine and was not going to do anything before 42 weeks because the baby and I were totally fine. My waters broke at 41 week and I had a healthy baby 10/10. It is also worth to remember that most women deliver within 42 weeks, so keep your cool I would say and perhaps start thinking about a sweep only at the end of it.

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Thanks for sharing! I an on the same boat, I saw the midwife again and she said that unless I wanted to have it they could wait until week 42 to be induced.

I had one at 40+2 then I went in to labour less than 48 hours later. I didn’t find it painful, maybe slightly uncomfortable but birth was far worse haha. I say go for it, I think you may as well try. It might work it might not. I was very hesitant but I’m so glad I did get it.

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Thanks for sharing x

I've had them with all 3 of my pregnancies. With my first 2 children absolutely nothing. Number 2 I actually had 3 sweeps that had no effect. but with my 3rd baby i was in labour the next day. In my opinion they only work if your body is ready, they help things along so to speak. To be fair I could have gone into labour that day anyway so their effectiveness is questionable but my main reason for opting for one was to see if there were any changes or indications something might happen soon

Thanks for sharing x

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