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Constipated baby? Crying baby

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My son is 3 weeks 3 days he cries alot for no reason but only last around a minute then goes back to sleep or sucks on dummy, his poo hasn’t been great abit constipated and don’t go everyday its around 3/4 days but can see his in pain when he goes, shall i change his milk? Or get laxatives for him? Not sure what to do could someone help with advice thanks

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I wouldn't give baby anything without checking with your health visitor or doctor first to make sure there's no underlying reason for the constipation.

They really should be going several times a day up until around 6 weeks old so I would suggest to contact your health visitor and see what they say.

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Buisquits in reply to Seb9

I second that. Call gp or midwife and ask for advice. Do not give any laxatives without medical advice xx

Thank you

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Mummy2MandH in reply to Seb9

Thank you

You can give small amounts of chilled boiled water to help with constipation x

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Mummy2MandH in reply to Emmaxxx

Thank you

Some babies go.several.times a day, some babies every few days. It's quite usual tbh.

I.would have a chat with your health visitor. Why do you think he's in pain when pooing? Is it cause he's straining or is he crying loads?

Is he gaining weight well, drinking good amounts?

Crying for a minute sounds very normal too. My kids would cry for 2-3 hours straight when they suffered from colic.

By all.meams have a chat with health visitor but sounds all rather normal.

My Health Vistor is coming Friday so will have a chat then, i think it was just the strain of pooing and was quiet hard but since he has had 2 poos and both been smooth which is good, his weight is good has been gaining every week and had 4oz every 3/4 hours

My baby girl is 5 weeks old and she is exactly the same! I spoke to the midwife at one of her early check ups about this as was worried I should change her milk but she said going every few days is very common in bottle fed babies and the best ways to help them are moving their legs in a bicycle motion while on their backs, little sips if cooled boiled water helps my girl wonders to get going and warm baths aswell. Hope that helps and congratulations on your baby x

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His had 2 looser poos in last couple days which im really happy about and he seems more happy when doing them 👍🏼 i done the bicycle legs and belly massage also warm bath definitely helped! Congratulations with your baby girl too good luck!

My son was the same 4-5 days, I was breastfeed they said it was because of that then I moved him too formula no change the doctor give me some medicine and said half a ounce of water between feeds did help a little. My son is 7 months now and since starting food and second stage milk he is going everyday.

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