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Skin problems after pregnancy


Gave birth 9 weeks ago, but have really bad skin problems since. Breaking out in acne on my face and very dry skin everywhere else, which with little sleep due to feeding all night and feeling stressed out I cant seem to get on top of it. Anyone else suffered with skin issues? Any tips on how to improve it? Would really appreciate any advice. Its beginning to get me down and I cant stop scratching, which feels awful.

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How about going to the gp or nurse? They may be able to prescribe something x

Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding all take it out of you. Your body has worked hard and continues to whilst it heals as well as feeding your baby, all while sleep deprived!

It’s probably feeling a bit depleted and hormones will be flying around too, to add to the fun.

The best thing you can do is get some nutrients into you. A bit like adding fertiliser to soil to help plants grow. So a good post pregnancy multivitamin, plenty of water and some cream to nourish your skin (Aveeno is good, or an emollient that you can also use to wash with - nothing too perfumed as your skin is probably sensitive at the moment). Also, eat as well as you can (if breastfeeding you need a few more calories a day) and try to get outside for 15mins each day for fresh air and vitamin D ( when the sun shows its face).

I had the same issue but found an amazing an amazing plant based product that I used and it's really improved my skin significantly

I got hives on my feet after having my baby it was terribly itchy! The gp prescribed a cream for it. I've since developed eczsma. No explanation, just 'one of those things'. Your hormones change so much and you're going through so much stress in the first few months.


My acne on my face settled down a few months after I’d lost weight and started exercising, I always put it down to hormone fluctuations, my skin on my legs is horrible though never thought I’d say I’d have acne on there! Oh how pregnancy messes with your body, glad to know I’m not alone xxxxxxxxxc

Yes I had the same problem!! I used to suffer with bad acne and it only cleared up when I went on roaccutane (a very strong drug with nasty side effects). So I was gutted when I had my daughter and it came back. But my skin did clear up after about 4/5 months. My daughters now nearly 7 months and my skin is completely clear 😊 Hopefully the same will happen with you, I think it’s just hormonal. Just as a tip, I didn’t put anything fancy on that would dry it out, just a light cleanser/makeup up remover (garnier micellar water) and oil free moisturiser (my foundation is also oil free)

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For the dry itchy skin (which I had and still have on my legs), I found regular moisturiser too thick and it just aggravated them. One night I tried my daughters moisturiser (Baby Aveeno) and found it really nice and light, but still soothing. I use it all the time now!

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