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First scan date

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Hi all. I’ve just moved myself over from the fertility site and I’m exactly 10 weeks pregnant 😊

I’ve just got my first scan date in today and I’ll be exactly 15 weeks pregnant, is this the new normal given how busy the NHS is?

I saw my midwife at 9 weeks and she said I’ll be consultant led (IVF and a few other underlying medical conditions). I have a consultant appointment in 10 days time but I’m worried that the scan is so far away.

(Although as I’m a crazy post IVF worrier I’ve already had 2 scans and will definitely pay for another one rather than wait so long).

Anyone else had this?


17 Replies
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Hi Kyell2, I’m also a mover from the infertility group (but still keep tabs on everyone on there). I had my NHS scan at 12 weeks and the next one is at 20 weeks as recommended. Maybe your hospital is busier than usual or maybe as you’re consultant led there might be less available appointments. Hope it isn’t too unbearable during the wait xx

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Kyell2 in reply to LKT1

Hi, it’s nice to see fellow fertility forum people over here 😊.

I did think it was a bit late and given that they told me I was red on their traffic light systems it seems a bit silly. I’ll ring them tomorrow and see why it’s so late, other than that I’ll try to convince the consultant when I see them next week that it’s too late x

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Hi, welcome to the group & congratulations!

It's not the norm no, so your area must be busy. I do have a friend who was sent her 1st scan date for when she was 16 weeks though so she phoned up to complain and did manage to get an earlier date.

Were you given any information on the combined screening offered for downs & Edwards syndrome? Because if you would like to have this you need your scan by the time your 13+6. If want the screening then I'd definitely phone and push for an earlier appointment

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Kyell2 in reply to Cheekymonkey85

Ah thank you. I think I may call up as I’m 37 and so would like those tests. I’ll definitely give them a call x

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Welcome and congratulations! I’m another that moved over from the IVF forum and have an 11month old 😀 Exciting times for you 😊 As mentioned if you want testing it has to be done before a certain date so give them a ring......15 weeks does seem very late! All the best for your pregnancy x

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Kyell2 in reply to Lovefood1984

Thank you. Congratulations on your little miracle 😊Just saw the letter has an email address so done that just now 🤞 it can be changed x

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Hey👋 I’m from there too. Congrats exciting stuff. Does appear a bit late esp with needing the downs and Edwards test earlier than that as others have said. Best wishes with hopefully bringing it forward. I’ve got my 12week and that scan on 21st where be exactly 12weeks so lucky there. Hope all ok 😬🤞🤞. Hope all good for u xx

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Kyell2 in reply to Dreamingofbaby

Hi, I do know you from the forum 😊. So pleased that you are doing well.

I actually feel a bit lost that I can’t ask questions on there any more.

I called them today and the midwife filled in the form wrong so I’m now having my scan at week 13. Pheww x

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Dreamingofbaby in reply to Kyell2

YAy that is good news phew. Thought it did not sound right.

I think u could Hun. Lots of ppl on there are in the same position , being pregnant from ivf is still so nerve wracking so sure they wouldn’t mind. Know it nice to see scan pics and happy news on there. Shows it can all be worth while a. It not an easy process.

Glad u got ur scan soon. Will have mine too and hoping all ok. In panic mode at mo as mc at this time last pregnancy 😬 think am ok though 🤞🤞. Well apart from a Poss uti and low iron but can cope with that if lil one ok 🤞🤞. Here if wanna chat xx

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Kyell2 in reply to Dreamingofbaby

Thank you. Hope the UTI goes soon. I’ve always been anaemic so I’m already on 3 iron tablets a day plus a multi vitamin. I feel so much better with the supplements. Hope the scan goes well, can’t be long now until you see your wee one again 😊 xx

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Dreamingofbaby in reply to Kyell2

Not nice a. Good that ur supplements help. Am hoping when they prescribe me some that will help me too🤞🤞. Thank u. Hope ur scan goes well too. Not long indeed ☺️xx

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It will more then likely be because thats when the consultant is free to see you too xx

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Hey, me too! Congratulations on your pregnancy😀. I was about 13 weeks when I first got my scan at the NHS but I had already been for the Harmony scan by that point which I paid myself. I’d phone them as 15 weeks seems awful late.x

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Kyell2 in reply to Noobs

Thank you. I called and there had been a small midwife error. She did tell me that she was now retired and just did that one clinic so maybe she just forgot! I’m now sorted for 13 week scan 😊

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Noobs in reply to Kyell2

Great news!x

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I was exactly the same as Noobs. Although expensive, I would totally recommend the harmony test. The scan they gave me was also very thorough. I ended up getting the harmony test and scan before the nhs scan. My harmony test and scan was at 11 weeks and the nhs scan and consultant appointment was around 13 weeks. I was also on red path for age and fertility treatment but as everything going well, I saw consultant at 13 weeks then at 20ish weeks I think and didnt make the last one st 38 weeks as was in hospital delivering baby! The only difference I had for being on the red pathway and ivf was that I had scans every 4 weeks from 28 weeks. I hope all goes well with your pregnancy. Try to relax and enjoy it! I loved being pregnant and would be amazing if could it all again!

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Kyell2 in reply to M1980

Oh thank you. That’s really helpful. I’m now sorted for my 13 week scan, just an admin error🤷‍♀️ x

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