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Thrush treatment in pregnancy


Hi ladies

Does anyone know what is safe to use for thrush during pregnancy? I’ll call my doctor but I can’t do that until tomorrow and it’s gotten pretty painful so hoping to get some help today. I’ve googled and it sounds like the tablet form of Canesten is not safe but the creams are? I’ve also heard that pharmacists often refuse to sell you it over the counter when you’re pregnant?

I’ve had thrush a few times so I know it is definitely this. I’m 27 weeks pregnant.


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Yes it's absolutely fine to use the cream. But I found that as soon as I mentioned I was pregnant, pharmacists didn't want to sell it to me. So had to go to GP. Good thing was that I then got the cream for free as I had my maternity exemption card!

It's also safe to use the pessary but NOT the oral tablet.

Hope you get it sorted soon. It's just so uncomfortable!

Arya10 in reply to Kempton

Thanks! I can order the cream on amazon to get it delivered tonight, but a free prescription would be good.

Contact 111 and they'll be able to advise on what you can do or take. They might be able to get you seen out of hours by a doctor to get a prescription.

Arya10 in reply to Seb9

Thanks, calling them now!

I was told to use the cream but not to insert the applicator fully. I had a prescription so no questions from the pharmacy. Hope you can get it sorted, thrush is such a pain xxx

Thanks ladies, got an appointment at out of hours soon so hopefully they’ll give me something!

Pessaries are safe. Tablets not advised. However pregnant women should have a longer 7 day course rather than the one off tablet.

Arya10 in reply to roxannacar

He gave me a one-off pessary, what’s the difference with the 7 day course?

roxannacar in reply to Arya10

Just can a bit stubborn to treat when pregnant. One might di the truck tho hopefully.

Arya10 in reply to roxannacar

Ok thanks! It’s actually turned out to be a UTI, so I’ll bear your advice in mind when the thrush comes (always get it with antibiotics).

I just walked in to boots snd picked it up off the shelf, paid at a normal till. Because it was a weekend

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