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Growth scans and changing percentiles

Hi all!

35+2 weeks today, just after some similar experiences where everything has been ok.

I've been measuring around the 90th percentile at my midwife appointments and a growth scan at 27+6 for reduced movements saw me at 88th percentile. Been sent for a growth scan again today and that has us plotted at the 18th percentile, so not following the curve as should be.

I have follow up scans the next two weeks and a consultant appointment to discuss but honestly so scared now. Was expecting the complete opposite and worried baby has stopped growing or has other complications.

Any similar experiences would be greatly appreciated x

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My little girl was at 96th and at 13th percentile at different points in the pregnancy. In the end she weighed 7lb 9 which I think is pretty average.

The weight is calculated based on several measurements and if one of those is off it can scew the whole thing. I've also heard loads of other stories of babies born completely different to the estimated weight. I don't think you need to worry, but I know it's hard not to!!


Thank you for sharing. I think it's just the shock of expecting them to be bigger. Suddenly we've gone from low risk to loads more scans and an appointment with the consultant .. xx


Our LG’s belly was measuring big was way of the graph, was having growth scans every 2/3 weeks, we was told to expect a very large baby. We was under consultant, on our last scan 36+5 banana estimate weight was 8lb1, consultant told me that a c section was the safest way to delivery baby.

Unfortunately they have too follow measurements and graphs, I was devastated when I was told I had too have a c section, but I accepted that it was the safest option for myself and baby.

Our LG was born at 39+5 8lb 8- in my eyes 8lb8 is not a very large baby at all, we was expecting her too be like 10/11lb. We had too go and buy newborn clothes and nappies as we was prepared for a big baby.

You and baby are being monitored regularly, try not too worry and stress too much, I know how hard it must be for you. x


I had growth scans with my little one they told me she was small going to be 4.2lb born I was petrified and she was born 7.2lb 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s an estimated weight and go offf measurements not always accurate hun xxx


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