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Nausea into 2nd trimester

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Is it normal for my nausea to get worse as I get further along? I'm almost 14 weeks and I've felt sick all day every day since about 5 weeks but this past 2 weeks it's got worse. I'm so grateful to be pregnant following IVF but I'm really struggling with this sickness. Someone please reassure me it's going to end at some point.

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Oodles of sympathy for you! I’m 10+3 and the nausea is draining! I even discovered that I can through up into a plastic bag whilst driving today! Can’t wait for the blooming to start! X

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Kitcat12 in reply to SBeanbag

Oh bless you!! I suppose I should be grateful that I'm not actually being sick, that's the one silver lining. Then again I feel like I might get a bit of relief if I could actually be sick 🤷🏽‍♀️ It's draining isn't it?!

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SBeanbag in reply to Kitcat12

Nausea is so draining ... vomiting doesn’t help! Today I got heartburn too! It will end I’m sure we just have to keep focusing on the prize. Rest up when you can xx

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Kitcat12 in reply to SBeanbag

Same to you, eyes on the prize ❤️x

No reassurance that it's going to end but my sickness has also been the worst last 2 weeks 🙈 ended up having time off work as couldn't keep anything down. It's so draining and making daily life a bit of a doctor prescribed me Cyclizine a few weeks ago and actually took a couple if tablets on the weekend just so I could get a proper meal inside me and have a bit of relief. They've settled me a little and only toom them one day as so scared about them hurting baby.

Really hope we get some relief soon...isn't this supposed to be when we feel our best 🤣

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ChrisWest1983 in reply to Drives

I agree, we are "supposed to feel and look our best" but if I am honest, during the months and months of nausea - I never felt that bad in my life!

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Kitcat12 in reply to Drives

I certainly don't feel even close to my best, I feel bloody awful 😂 otherwise, hope all is well with you x

Placenta still forming so could be tipping the nausea scales. Will be formed 18_20wks so hopefully soon pass.

With my first nausea stopped at w16, with second I think it was w18.

Fingers crossed that it stops soon!

I’m 14+1 and have been struggling since wk8 with nausea, sickness and exhaustion. I’m (very) slowly getting my energy back so can feel a change but can not wait for the nausea and sickness to go, or at least reduce. Got my fingers crossed for you that you get better soon.

Are you on cyclizine? It’s a life saver! The nausea does get better however I can’t come off of cyclizine and I’m 28 weeks😩! But I only need 2 a day and it keeps the nausea and sickness away as it was so bad in the beginning and around where you are! Hoping you start to feel better soon Xxxx

I'll ask about cyclazine if I have no relief before next week, thanks for the tip x

Hoping it gets easier for you🤞🏼🤞🏼! I found eating bread and ready salted crisps helped me too, think carbs made me feel better xxxx

Mine was bad from week 5 - 15/16 and was the worst weeks 14-15/16! It’s calmed down a lot since then (I only get occasional short 15 waves of it now) it definitely got worse before it got better. I’m 17 weeks now. I read that it’s quite common to get it a little into the second trimester. Fingers crossed you only have a few more days of it xx

I feel your pain. I’ve had nausea (like really extreme motion sickness) along with dizziness and throwing up at all times if the day and night since around 5 weeks. Ours is IVF too ( wonder if some if it was the meds) Am 14 1/2 now and it’s not showing any sign of moving on! I hope it does soon as i’ve lost so much weight everyone thinks i’m ill not pregnant. Been to the Dr several times but they don’t seem too concerned as i’m not dehydrated or anaemic and my bloods are fine. I just want to feel hungry and enjoy eating again as i’m a proper foodie. It’s very depressing as I can’t even climb the stairs to bed some days, but i’ve managed on cornflakes and ice cold milk, pasta, cheese, coke and watermelon. Hopefully we will both get some relief soon 🤞

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Kitcat12 in reply to Baypony

You sound exactly like me!! Massively in to food and it's awful not being able to enjoy anything. I exist on fruit and crackers with Philadelphia, I've also lost a load of weight - around 17lbs but I was overweight so it's certainly not the worst thing. I seem to have got worse since coming off the meds, I just hope I'm near the end. And the same for you too x

I've had nausea all the way through, and I'm now 32 weeks! Was at its worst around wk 9-10, when I threw up at least 3 times per day every day, and just felt sick all the time. By week 15, I was on meds, which I took for the entire 2nd trimester. They really helped get me through. I reduced my intake slowly then stopped meds entirely at 26 weeks, because I worried about them affecting the baby. Still feel a bit sick, and still throwing up about once per week, but it's much more manageable now. Perhaps you could ask your doctor for a prescription? And it will certainly end when the baby is born - just think how marvellous that will be! Hang in there, hun, you have my sympathies.

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Kitcat12 in reply to Tomorrow_1

Wow you poor thing, this terrifies me. If I haven't had any relief soon I think I'll have to go to Dr. But I feel like I won't be taken seriously as I'm not actually vomiting x

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Tomorrow_1 in reply to Kitcat12

If the nausea is causing you to lose weight, regardless of whether you’re vomiting, the gp should be able/willing to prescribe something.

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Kitcat12 in reply to Tomorrow_1

I've lost a lot, so far 19lbs! I think I'll try the GP. Thanks for the advice x

Mine went away at 16 weeks so hopefully in 2 weeks you will notice the difference. X

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kt_11 in reply to Kari55

Mine too. It did come back a couple of times later on but not as bad. I was only ever sick a couple of times throughout the pregnancy but just nauseous all day. Hope things get better for you soon xx

Mine started to get better at 16 weeks, I had almost constant nausea. I have however noticed I still get a little of an evening now at 28 weeks.

Hope it starts to ease soon x

I’m 17 weeks and mine has started easing now, it’s still there but nowhere near as bad or as often as it was! I think they say for vast majority of people it should ease up from 16-20 weeks so fingers crossed not too much longer for you. I’m the same did fertility treatment - I felt so guilty for grumbling 🤣 but actually we’ve just as much right to feel crappy about it as anyone else does as it is really tough when you have all day nausea!! I’m the same absolutely love my food and my appetite just completely went, but it’s starting to come back now 🤞 so hang in there xx

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Kitcat12 in reply to Flounder84

There is some hope then, thank you for your reply x

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