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Hair loss during pregnancy ☹️


Has anybody experienced hair loss during pregnancy? I always thought your hair was supposed to be really nice during pregnancy.🤷‍♀️ I run my hands over my hair and lots comes out, like it’s not even knotty. I also had IVF treatment so not sure if this could be related to that!

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I haven't experienced this but a friend of mine did. Her hair returned to normal after giving birth but she lost quite a bit at the front during pregnancy x x

Militarywife7 in reply to Drives

Its so strange, I expected it after pregnancy but not before. I guess she never found out the cause? how is your pregnancy going? :) x

Drives in reply to Militarywife7

She was just told it was one of those pesky pregnancy symptoms. Not particularly helpful 🙈

I really hope everything is progressing well as been feeling awful 🤢 currently off work as struggling to keep anything down. Just keep telling myself it's all going to be worth it and this is a good sign 🤣


I never lost mine when I was pregnant mine started coming out after I gave birth and its not coming out in little bits. what shampoo are you using sometimes it might be down to that x

Militarywife7 in reply to Hidden

Yes its very strange, might visit the GP as im wondering if I have a deficiency in something. I use head and shoulders shampoo, and herbal essence shampoo and conditioner xx

I didn’t loose mine when pregnant, it’s just got thicker and shiny. Now 4 months later, it’s starting to fall out x

Militarywife7 in reply to Annh17

Thats what I was partly expecting, I was looking forward to having luscious locks haha not the opposite :( hope your not losing to much, its always scary wondering what you will be left with! x

Could be and tonic loss related to hormones.

How many weeks post delivery are you

I havent had the baby yet which makes it stranger, I'm only 3 months. But considering a visit to the GP in case im lacking in a deficiency or something! x

My friend and sister lost patches after birth but it grew back in.

Militarywife7 in reply to gcw104

I didnt know it could fall out in patches after pregnancy, that must of been upsetting for them both. Glad to hear its growing back now xxx

I lost some hair on my head and my arm hair went patchy since having my baby its come back. Very strange everyone I've spoken to has gain hair in pregnancy x

Yes thats why im worried as I expected the opposite which is the norm. I'm thinking it could be a deficiency in something - hoping its something simple and easy to resolve xx

Hey hun, have you had your thyroid tested yet? Hairloss could be a sign that your thyroid levels are not in balance, hope you are doing well otherwise? Have you had your 12 week scan yet? Xx

Hi lovely, no I havent had it tested yet but it is in the back of my mind as a possible cause. Think I best make a trip to the GP to check on it and get a blood test. I'm good otherwise thanks, my 12 week scan is tomorrow so I'm very nervous.

Just seen your post on your scan, thats sooooo lovely. I'm so surprised that you could find out that early about the sex, was that because you had a private scan? I didnt think that was possible until much later. You must be so excited about telling hubby, and your scan pictures are just perfect. xxx

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