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First period after birth

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Hi my LG is 10 weeks today and I came on yesterday and it’s extremely heavy I just wondered if this was normal? I had a c section.

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I think the first one is supposed to be bad. I don’t know personally as I went straight on the pill x

Starting to wish I had too 🤣

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😂😂 we are thinking of trying naturally soon (as had IVF but you never know) and the first period is what I’m dreading 😂xx

We are exactly the same we went through ivf and had the exact same thought x

I breastfed my boy and therefore I think my period came a bit later - 7months pp. I suppose it depends on person how heavy it gets. Mine was fine (was not on the hormonal contraception) Also, after giving birth (vaginal delivery) I was hardly bleeding at all, but, instead I had a little and for 8 long weeks... 🤦

I’ve come to the doctors - this is a first over my period lol was so heavy today with lots of clots was so bad while I was out I had to buy extra pads and disposable knickers was so embarrassing

I had an emergency c section after an ivf pregnancy. Got my first period on the weekend (7weeks after delivery) and it’s been really heavy, its never been like this before, but, it’s the first period so I assume it’s normal to be heavier?

Will keep an eye on it over the next few months. As I have endometriosis, so will want to make sure it’s not that causing the heavy bleeding.

Not sure if this helps but I saw my gp because was so heavy and clotting my obs were all good (blood pressure pulse stomach) and none of the clots were the size of a tennis ball (which is a sign of hemorrhage which can happen within 12 weeks after birth) he has prescribed me something to take only when the bleeding is heavy if it’s not heavy I don’t take it it can’t be taken in combination with pill contraception. If I take this tablet and the heavy bleeding continues for 5 days I have to go back to see gyne and have a scan. When I went for my 6 week check up my iron was slightly low so I got to take something for 6 months which is extra important with this blood loss so might be worth you keeping that in mind as well I eat a lot of food containing iron at most meals as well. X

This tablet is meant to reduce the bleeding it makes it more clotting, because our lining is so thick from pregnancy x

I have had 3 c sections and after each my period was so heavy and had clots. Lasted longer than normal too hun I'm afraid. x

Yeah. I had a section and my first 1 was heavy. She's 3 months and I've just finished my 3rd one and they're back to normal now.

I think it depends if you’re breastfeeding or not. I am and I still don’t have mine nearly 9 months pp. I’m pretty sure my ff friends had theirs after about 3 months or so, so I’d say it’s normal if you are ff. If you're breastfeeding and you have your period already I’d definitely go to the doctor and get checked over.

Same, got my first period 8 weeks postpartum. Had c section as well, and extremely heavy first period. Honestly I started birth control that week as well and I had uncontrollable periods. They would come every two weeks. By time periods got lighter and now I’m back to normal after 3 months...

I had a c section and had my first period think was around 8/9 weeks, was the worst I’ve ever had. I had mine within 1 week of stopping breast feeding and starting the pill.

I found I was bleeding every 2 weeks, gp said you will be all over the place for a while, while your body gets used to getting back to normal.

But my 1st period was unbearable, the cramps were horrendous, I was in more pain with cramps than I was after my c section, but my 2 periods after that, was nowhere near as bad as 1st x

Thank you everyone gosh I hope I don’t bleed every two weeks! I’ve started on the tablets and they have been a god send I couldn’t believe how bad it has been they definitely don’t warn you! Thank you everyone x

My first period has been really heavy with clots and all… nearly 2 weeks later and still bleeding heavy… I know the first one is meant to be bad but didn’t realise I would last this long!

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