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Ok. Strange question


So I’ve got CF (Cystic Fibrosis) my pregnancy so far is going so much better than I could of imagined. Weight gain and lung function being the highest since 2012 I feel I can’t really complain! This wee babe has helped me in so many ways I can’t even begin to explain them all!

Baby is growing, and on average for weight and measurements (femur is 1.5weeks behind but they insist it’s because I’m 5ft1 and that they’ll have little Scottish legs) so trying not to get overly worried but they’re just under 50th percentile now.

However.. people with CF tend to have a short life expectancy.

I’m wondering if there is anything I can put into place that if I were to die - say after the baby is born or even 5 years later - is there something I can do to give my mum legal guardianship? She’s a bit worried that my partner might suddenly decide to disappear or maybe not let her see the child very much once I’m gone

I don’t think that would be the case, but I guess it’s just a worry for her!

so I’m wondering if anyone knows if there’s anything legal I could put in place that she has parental type rights for once I’m gone?

Any advice would be much appreciated:)


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You can right this kind of thing in a will but not sure how that will work if the dad is still around. Solicitors generally give half hour advice for free so try that. Also , if you have legal stuff with your home insurance, they will advise as well. Good luck xxxx

Agree with GillyC1, we’ve just had a will drawn up outlining who gets to look after baby should something happen to us (in fact because I was only pregnant at the time they wrote it as child/children as yet unborn covering us totally ) Not sure how that would work if your partner is still here but most places will do a free consultation to see what you need and how they can help. Ours was great as we’ve split the house so that if one of us dies and the other is in need of care the government at present can’t take 50% as it will belong to baby therefore avoiding loosing assets for them for care fees. They also can’t get hold of it until you die yourself (so no kicking you out and selling from under you) and you can still upsize and downsize too throughout your life. Best money you’ll ever spend getting some help. Hope though that you get to see your little one grow up, all the best for the rest of your pregnancy x

Not sure of the situation with your partner but worth bearing in mind that if you aren't married they will only have parental rights and responsibilities to the baby if they come with you when you register them and go on the birth certificate.

Me and him are still together! 😌

It’s more for peace of mind for my mum. She thinks when I croak it that he might just suddenly decide to cut contact with her. I really don’t think he will, but I would really sleep much better if I knew there was a legal agreement of some sort in place.

He will indeed me on the birth certificate :)

But I’m just mainly wanting to make sure that he didn’t just decide on a whim that he’d move away some where random. (He’s a home bird so cant really see it, but yanno. Just in case)

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call a lawyer it's usually free consultations here in the USA ! Make sure mom get a copy of whatever you draw up!

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