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Recurrent Bleeding in first trimester


Hi all, I’m 7 wks pregnant with twins in my first pregnancy. However I have now had four separate bleeds that seem to come every 4 days or so. 3 spotting and one heavier fresh red bleed. I have been seen at my local early pregnancy assessment clinic and was found to have twins and no sign of cause of bleeding. Was back again today after another bleed over weekend and twins are still ok and matching dates of 7 weeks. Now this evening I am bleeding again. It is just never ending and in constant state of thinking I’m miscarrying. Great that scan was ok and they can’t see anything bad causing bleeding but why does it keep happening?! This is an IVF pregnancy so it has already been a difficult road and am so worried! Has anyone else had similar?

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I had bleeding in my first pregnancy, it turned out to be a polyp on my cervix that was rubbing as I moved around due to all the excess blood flow in the area cause of being pregnant.

Have the hospital put a care plan in place for you to keep a close eye on you and the twins to check all is progressing. What an awful and stressful time for you, keep me posted on how it all goes. Good luck xx

Thanks for your reply. I’ve been seen at early pregnancy clinic twice and scans ok but no cause for bleeding found and no one has examined my cervix despite me asking the last time. Was told they would only do that if I had another heavy bleed. Otherwise they aren’t really interested and no follow up booked with them. It’s really stressful. Just wishing the days away and hoping the twins keep hanging in there


Has anyone examined your cervix? A friend of mine had a lot of bleeds and it was only when she gave birth at 32 weeks that it was discovered she had an incomplete cervix. I dont want to scare you, but its worth having a closer look as the doctors have said your babies are fine and everything is good internally (and by internally I'm talking about your uterus)

Some women do just bleed though, there is a huge increase in blood flow, and the small vessles sit very close to the surface and can be disturbedquite easily.

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