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Compacted bowels/constipation. Six year old not wanting medicine

My six year old has severe compacted bowels and constipation, he has been having moovicol which he's been absolutely fine taking as it can be mixed with juice. Now the bowel specialist has added senokot to his treatment too and my son really doesn't like it! Can I mix it with juice or anything? He's really upset

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Why have they added senakot? I only ask as I am going through constipation with my 5 year old daughter and only movicol type laxatives are part of the disimpaction regime? My daughter is really good with the sachets as we get chocolate flavour and I mix it with milk so it’s like a milkshake!



He's had compacted bowels for over a year, moovicol to loosen to poo and senokot to evacuate it. They put him on 12 sachets a day to try and clear him out, that took 2 weeks. Now they lowered it to 3 sachets a day. Senokot is the laxitive. We've cracked it now actually, he saw his baby brother having some calpol with squirter siringe so now he wanted to be good with his medicine too. So relieved

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That’s brilliant news! :)


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