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Hello I was just wondering if anyone can help me I'm 8 days late of my period which I am normally 8 days early for my period but I still haven't came on I'm getting stomach cramps like nearly every night I'm weeing a lot more then normal I'm smelling weird stuff my boobs are a little sore I'm craving foods that I don't normally like I just really need help what do I do

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Have you done pregnancy test, that’s the only way to confirm or exclude that option?

Hello yea I done one when I was 2 days late and it came back negative so I don't know what else to do because all the tests I do come back negative x

If you only done one at 2 days late you May want to try again after few days and with the fist urine in the morning. If it comes back negative then at least the changes are that your are pregnant minimal.

Your period can be delayed for number of reasons, stress, changes in your life, infection, so if you are worried book appt with GP as they can advise what to do next.

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