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Swollen Feet


Help please !!!!

I am 6 weeks pregnant and suffering from horrible swollen feet, to the point that walking for more then 10 min makes it so painful I want to cry 😫 I know it is common to suffer from swollen feet in pregnancy but at the much later stages not at the very early start. Can that be sign of something not being right that is not related to pregnancy at all?

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It would be a good idea to see your GP and get your blood pressure and urine checked for protein (take a sample with you). You won’t be under midwife care at 6 weeks. Normally swelling in pregnancy related to the bump occurs a bit later.

Are you on any medication? Good luck! X

jessyjessy572 in reply to Hidden

Hi going to GP tomorrow, I am not taking any medication. That’s what I think it may not be related to the pregnancy at all so even more I want to get it check out. Just very annoying as my feel look so fat lol and also as I really enjoy long walks and now getting to work is a challenge. Hopefully GP will find a cure. 🙂

Are you drinking enough water? The body retains water if you don’t drink enough. Hope the G.P. checks it out properly and finds out what’s causing it.

I hope your Go can help you quickly - at 6 weeks I don’t think you’d have swollen feet from pregnancy.

Well went to doctor she checked blood pressure and confirm that I do not have a potassium in my urine, all come back fine so the only thing she could think of is that this is due to the pregnancy. I am not comfortable with that as you all said it is to early for that.

Do anyone know if this could possibly be due to ectopic pregnancy or am I overthinking ?

hi Jess i suffered with swollen feet in my first pregnancy from the early stages it started at about 7 weeks and in all honesty i was by 40 weeks i could hardly walk without crying had to take my mat leave early due to this and went up 3 whole shoe sizes to accommodate- if your tests are okay i wouldnt worry in my case i was tested for preclampsia due to my concerns and this was negative it just happens that some women will hold alot of water- my advice speak to your mum see if she or another family member suffered with water retention excess fluid in pregnancy you may find its heredity rather than a major cause of concern- keep your spirits high also as first 12 weeks if so important dont stress and let nature take its course your body knows what to do hun it will respond to things in its own way.. as much as science progresses your body is still so much further ahead than we will ever truly no.

good luck x

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