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Feeding problem for 10weeks baby.....

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Hello mum and doctors in the house.... please has anyone experince this before and what to do.... my baby girl is 10weeks old and she is no longer feeding like dhe ise to feed before.... now she can stay for 6hours wuthout wanting to eat.... i do express breast milk and breastfeeding direct... now she dont want to open her mouth to eat either of the two ecrpt she is been force....

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As long as she has plenty of wet nappies hun then the doctors won't usually do anything as it's a sign that she's still hydrated.

If she's not having as many wet nappies, get her booked in with your GP x

As major said. If she has wet nappies all is ok. Even though she is too young check her gums as sometimes teething may affect their feedings. Also check your diet to make sure your little angel is not out of by something you are eating.

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