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Should I refuse an early induction?


Head all over the place. Have had a real up and down pregnancy sickness throughout was in the menopause up until a month before finding out I was pregnant. Consultants and midwives have had different opinions throughout. Was put on blood pressure medication for around 3 weeks from 20 weeks as blood pressure was high on two consecutive days (whilst I had an ear infection) I took myself off and was sent to the GP by my midwife who agreed i should not be on them. Blood pressure has been normal at all other points.

Had a 36 weeks growth scan and was sent for a medical review. The two scans done 24 hours apart had completely different measurements and weights. Both showed he had grown since 28 weeks but had dropped off the 50th percentile that he had previously been on. The consultant at first said she would not induce before 39 weeks but then decided to induce me just before 38 weeks. My original consultant who I had seen after the first scan at 36 weeks put no emphasis on rushing even the medical review let alone inducing. The second scan was 24 hours later due to it being at a closet hospital. She told me unless the scan showed I needed to be induced immediately I would be rescanned at 28 weeks.

I did agree to the induction at the time. The appointment was a blur I went from listening to his heartbeat to being offered a late amniocities test and abortion if positive.

The outcome of the medical review was that he was around 5lbs (at 35 weeks 6 days) and his growth had slowed he is generally on the small side femur length etc but all symmetrical. This could suggest dwarfism apparantly brings up downs as an option (previous test gave 1 in 4750 chance) or could be normal end of pregnancy etc no history of big babies in my family all 7.5lb and under, Could be an issue with the placenta calcifying. What should I do? Now 37 + 2 and not sure whether to ask for another scan before an induction at 37+6? Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated.

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Sounds complex so hard to give advice. I would say that anything over 37 weeks is not considered premature so should not affect baby’s survival. Make a list of questions and ask to see your consultant again to go through the pros and cons. Xx

Can’t say what to do Hunni but at 37 weeks all should be ok for delivery! The baby weighing 5lbs at 35 weeks seems decent they gain weight weekly too. Just book an appointment with consultant or midwife and go through all your questions before induction Hunni xx

Thank you both. It's so hard to know whats best to do. I think the little monkey heard all my worrying and crying today and is slowly getting started making his own way and has decided to treat me to 'back labour' according to the midwife on the phone. Super uncomfortable and emotional and hoping this is it looks like it will be a long night, wish I hadn't stayed up till 4 last night cleaning every inch of the house! Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

Darling congratulations on your little miracle.

I know it’s worrying and you need to keep your head calm but try not to do any physical exercises like over cleaning your house this late in your pregnancy.

I had and induction which got complicated and ended up having an emergency Csection. Still don’t know what happened as the hospital kept postponing my appointment. My LO also showed small femur which I panicked I read so much crap (sorry) on the internet that made my worries worst, thank God my midwife was the best, she calmed all my worries and game me good advise. I am happy to let you know that all of my worriers were wrong and now I have a beautiful one year old miracle.

My midwife was against the induction cause she didn’t believe in this geriatric pregnancy bullocks 😂 however the Dr told me that if I cared for my baby I should have it as apparently the placenta cannot hold the baby till the end.

As everyone said to you write a list of questions make an appointment with your Dr and also midwife and get the two point of views.

Whatever you choose to do good luck, all the worriers will soon be over. 😘

Congrats on your little one!

I was in your position this time 3 weeks ago with my little girl! I was offered early induction due to her not gaining enough weight after 32 weeks (was having regular growth scans due to bmi) and she ended up just above the 10th centile, to make matters worse she then decided to become quite lazy and move a total of 8 times in 4 days towards the end! So by the time they offered the induction I was just so overwhelmed I nearly snapped their hand off for it. Ended in an emergency c section as her heart rate dropped dangerously with every contraction and I found out after the fact that my placenta was small and calcified beyond what it should have at 37 +4...

However she weighed 6lb4, 1.5 pounds above what the scans predicted as they are just a rough guide.

In the end you have to do what you think is best, make lists of questions, anything you can think no matter how trivial you think it is, and make the informed decision. I’d also advise you ask about whether your birth partner can stay overnight with you during your induction and labour as every hospital is different!

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