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Flu jab in pregnancy


Im 31 weeks pregnant. I haven’t had the flu jab and I’m not sure that I plan to. Have people had it during pregnancy? Side effects? How much does it protect the baby? The strains of flu change so often that I just don’t know how effective it can be each year?

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It's based on the most virulent strain each year. They spend all year prepping and predicting which strain is going to be the worst. To be fair I've had it for past few years between being pregnant and working in a hospital and I have actually had less colds than i usually would normally.

Yeah it’s a different vaccine every year and I think usually contains strains which are predicted to be prevalent that year.

I usually have it due to working in high risk areas in hospital and had it when I was pregnant last year with no issues or side effects.

It does offer a bit of protection for baby but I think the main reason it’s recommended is because pregnant women are at much higher risk of complications from flu (which can be really serious).

I have known a few people (generally elderly people or those with long term health problems) say they’ve developed a bit of a cold after having it but definitely not as bad as flu. Maybe have a chat with your midwife if you’re undecided? x

Had it both pregnancies with no side effects.

I am thinking the same, my midwife says too have it, as pregnant women are more likely to pick colds/flu up. But I have always been dead against having the flu jab, im a carer and have never considered having it, to be honest since I’ve become a carer for nearly 8 years I only get 1-2 colds a year, where as before was getting about 6 a year.

But I am thinking of having it while I’m pregnant just so it protects my baby

I am always offered every year as I work in a surgery and I always refuse as I’m healthy and I wouldn’t be offered it if I didn’t work there.

However when pregnant I did have it as I would never forgive myself if something happened to the baby and I didn’t have it. I had no side effects either xx


Like other people have said, they design it to try to cover the most likely strain. You can’t get the flu from the vaccine as it is not a weakened form of the virus (bearing in mind that flu is much much different to a bad cold). I work in healthcare and have had one every year for probably a decade- I get a bit of a sore arm but nothing else. I’m 23 weeks now and will be getting my whooping cough and flu jab. Pregnant women are more at risk from flu and its complications which could have a knock-on effect on baby. Xx

I've had it, it leaves a mark on your arm for a few days but that's it. I'd definitely get it as you can still be a carrier for flu even if you don't have symptoms and don't want to spread it to baby when he/she arrives.

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