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Pregnancy possibility

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Hi people,am Blessed by name and am new here. Pls help me analyze my issue. I've been trying to get pregnant for 3 months past but it seems not connecting. I had my flow on the 28th of July that ended on the 1st of Aug. And I had sex on the 12th of August hoping to conceive. Pls is it possible for me to conceive by that date cos I can't calculate my ovulation since I've tried on the fertile weeks to no avail in the last 2months. Thanks

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I cant offer advice on when your best time to fall pregnant without knowing roughing how long your cyclce is, however it may seem like a long time but 3 months isnt that long on average it takes around a year to fall pregnant.

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Thanks Kate91 for replying. My cycle is irregular but I should put the average to 27days.

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you usually ovulate around 14 days after period, so having sex the day before and maybe a day or two that time would be your best bet, however with having an irregular cycle, its basically guess work. ive always had to guess my dates as y cycle is super irregular

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Wow,its going to be quite a heavy guess work. I guess I need to hold on after this August AuntFlo to follow my body closely. Thanks Kate.

There are some apps which you can download for free which are quite good. I use Flo to track my periods and it calculates when my next period is due. My periods are irregular and it takes that into account and is usually quite good. It also tells you when you are likely to conceive etc... I strongly recommend using an app!

Good luck and wishing you all the best. 🤞🏼

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Thanks Flossy. Will sure try out the app.

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