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Work and pregnancy


Hi all.

I’ve just recently started a new job. I mean very recently, a few days ago in fact. I’ve also just found out I’m pregnant.

I’m constantly tired, have dreadful morning sickness which isn’t improved by taking public transport to work. Finding it difficult to concentrate and listen in my new role.

My new boss doesn’t seem too happy that I’ve not been feeling 100% as “I’ve only just started” obviously I’m trying to pass this off as a tummy bug and nothing more.

I’m worried they will sack me over the amount of time I will have off in the future for doctors/midwife appointments, as well as horrendous morning sickness (I.e not being able to leave the bathroom) or having an upset tummy.

I need advice... please help!

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If I was you I would tell them that your pregnant as soon as possible, I know some company’s pay you for having days off because of morning sickness, I know because I’m nearly 20 weeks and I have really bad morning sickness x



How long is your probation period in your new job?

You don't have to tell them until 15 weeks before your due date I think.

They cannot fire you - if you have severe symptoms I am not sure how to hide it though....

Make sure you document everything but they cannot fire you for being pregnant.


The probation period is 3 months. X

You’re better of telling them to protect your rights and to get your time off for antenatal appointments. The can’t get rid of you for pregnancy related problems so once they know you have protection. Take a look at the link below, but there’s loads of information on the internet regarding your rights and what your employer can/can’t do. It may actually make it easier for you once you’ve told them depending on how understanding your manager is but they can’t get rid of you for pregnancy related issues.

Good luck with everything xx

Tell them you're pregnant.

It is illegal for them to fire you due to.pregnancy, or the appointments related to antenatal care.

Also ask for their family/pregnancy policy to see what you are entitled to.mat. leave wise. You are unlikely to be entitled to fullbenefits as not been there long enough.

Thank you everyone xxx

I think I will wait until 12 weeks and speak to them regarding everything. I want to be in the “safe zone” before causing any issues within my work environment x

They cannot sack you for going to appointments. That's discrimination. It might be better to tell your bissue sooner rather than later as he/she might be more supportive x

Thank you all. I’ve told them already and they’re not happy about it.

They can be not happy all they want but they legally can not let you go due pregnancy it's against the discrimination laws

I’ve had a meeting yesterday since speaking with my manager regarding the pregnancy and she was nothing but rude. Started spilling out nonsense that I’m not doing a good enough job yet in my eyes as well as my team I seem to be doing more than the other new people. But the other new people are seeing as being praised by the manager yet I’m not...

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