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Hi, I’m 34weeks pregnant tomorrow with my 2nd my 1st is only 9.5month old, I have felt pretty crap on and off for few weeks baby’s head been down for a while and couple of weeks ago midwife could only feel a bit of his head so had a few dodgy nights pain on and off BH but today got up and have the runs like my body is having a clear out already I had this before labour started with my 1st don’t know what to think I gave backache n that same as when I had my son TIA

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It could be signs of labour or you might have gotten a tummy bug. Either way, if you are worried, talk to your midwife or call maternity ward.better to be safe than sorry.

Claire2225 in reply to Hidden

Think I will I don’t feel sick or anything it’s very strange x

Did it settle?

The ruins did but now my back is breaking going to take some pain killers a d see how I get on the hosp will only tell me to take them xx

Yeah the standard answer in the absence of blood or membrane rupture is usually take some paracetamol and have a bath see if it settles. So I guess try that and if no difference I’d probably go in and see if they’ll pop you on the monitor. All the best, I hope it’s not preterm labour, let us know x

Will do I had my son at 38weeks and my concern is that because I have had them so close, falling pregnant 7weeks after the birth of my son that everything is relaxed etc xx

Yeah I had my boy at 38 and he’s now 14 months and I’m due in 2 weeks. As long as you make it to 37 xx

Let’s hope so but they can work miracles these days at hospital my friend had hers at 20weeks she’s allowed home in 2weeks it’s crazy she’s doing so well, let me know how you get on too Hun xxx

Been to midwife tomorrow have to go for a scan in morning as I’m only now measuring 30weeks the other week I was measuring more than I actually was, feeling abit nervous if I’m honest I knew I didn’t feel right my stomach has moved a lot too xx

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