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Normal or?

When I'm writing on here and asking questions people ask me how long my cycles are and what not. If someone could tell me if this is normal etc and help me understand then I would really appreciate it thank you!

So came off the pill end of October/beginning of November.

1st period: Dec 11th - Dec 14th.

2nd period: Dec 27th - Dec 31st.

3rd period: Jan 20th - Jan 23rd.

4th period: Feb 12th - Feb 17th and brown spotting for 3 days after.

5th period: March 3rd - March 7th

6th period: Spotted for 2 days then started Period 30th March - 8th April.

Ovulation testing with clear blue advanced: high on the 15th April - 22nd April.

Also on 22nd April, egg white cervical mucus.

Don't know exact day of ovulation as I ran out of tests and missed one day!

Had intercourse 16th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd April.

Hopefully I've caught this month but I doubt it!

Do you guys think that the reason my period was longer because it's going back to normal finally or?

Before I started the pill (for my periods) I was on for 2 weeks with really heavy bleeding and severe pain hence why was given the pill.

Thank you for reading and sorry if I've confused anyone. I'm also confused and don't know what to do next if I'm honest!

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I think they’re getting better your cycle has been 16,24,23,20 then 27, 27 is nearly at the average which gives your eggs more time to mature so fingers crossed 🤞🏼 this month could be it!

Your suppose to ovulate 14 day before your period so if your due on tomorrow (27 days) it would have been around the 12th. Good luck


Thank you! I was struggling to work out how long my cycles where without getting lost haha! I think it helped writing it down and then typing it out on here. Hopefully they're getting back to normal then and oh god I hope so!

I didn't know when I'd be due on as the last period lasted longer so I didn't know if it was abnormal or what. But my ovulation tests said high up until yesterday? Which had also confused me! But I have had a few cramps today but idk if it's period cramps or a sickness bug I might've picked up from work or whatever! But thank you so much!xx


Gcw104 has said it all hun. Looks like your cycles are improving

Good luck my love



Thank you lovely😘❤️


You know how you said my cycles have been 16, 24, 23, 20, then 27, 27... well I still haven't come on this time 🙄I'm so stuck with these periods, took a pregnancy test on 28th (not sure if too early or not) came back negative. Now on CD 32 😫


I would test again 28 could have been to early.


When do you think would be best to test?


Should I wait this week out and if nothing by the end of the week test then? As that would be Friday (CD 36)


I’d just buy the cheap tests and just test whenever you feel like it, it’s stressful when your waiting. 36 days is a long period for you, we’re you irregular before? If your not pregnant hopefully you are tho maybe your periods are going to just be irregular or might just need a few more months.

Try not to stress too much that could affect your periods too.


No, before my pill I could tell you the day I would come on and it was always at night. I use to be on for around 10-14 days so quite long and quite heavy too... also they were pretty short cycles, hence why I went onto the pill cus of how severe the pain was and how heavy I bled. But since coming off in October time, they've been lighter and not for as long apart from that one period that lasted longer (my last period) - I do have a cheap pregnancy test at home, but only one left haha so I don't want to waste it if it's too early to tell - just hope I am pregnant!

Thanks though hun x

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I use period diary app I know u use ovia I got that as well, but I like that tells u how long your cycles are and you can adjust your ovulation and period dates etc. Doesn’t really matter how long your period lasts it goes off your first day as it can differ mine usually last 3 days but this month was 5. Be patient your body might just need time to sort it’s self out. It’s a little difficult to pin point ovulation when they have differed month to month just keep trying x

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What other app do you use? Yeah I love the fact it tells you how long the cycle is etc but the ovulation is predicts is always wrong according to the tests I take...

hopefully it's just sorting itself out and soon get a positive! Thank you for your help hun I really do appreciate it x


It’s called period diary was going to put a pic of the app but don’t know how too


Direct message me if sure you can add photos in there x


I’ve just tried doesn’t give u a photo option I’ll put it on as a post

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