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Am I pregnant?

Hi, me and my partner are trying for a baby. We have had sex 5 times since finishing my period at the beginning of Jan and the end of last week, which was my week for ovulation. I have been looking at early symptoms of pregnancy and spoke to a few friends. I’m not due until next Friday. But I’m getting quite a few of the symptoms:


Lower back pain

Twinges in right side of stomach

Rumbling stomach

Tender breasts



Peeing more often

I am just wanting to know what I need to do and when best time is to do a test

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I'd wait until you're due for you next period hun. If it's negative but you're still having symptoms then wait a week and do another x


Some people have said to do one on the day of the next period x


Yeah. Wait until the day it's due. If that test says negative then try again a week later if you're still having symptoms x


You can't read too much into symptoms... wait till you miss your period to test, also I'd suggest to get an app to track your period and ovulation to help know when you're fertile.


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