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First pregnancy worries

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Hi all I have just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant, yey! However this means we conceived in Mexico. My first midwife appointment is not untill the end of the month and I want to know if I need to worry about the zikka virus, does anyone know please? Thanks x

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A woman I work with, her daughter conceived in Bali and they were concerned about the zikka virus. I would definitely mention it to your midwife. I know her daughter has had to have more scans to check the size of babies head and to check baby is okay. She's due end of Feb and her baby is fine :). Try not to worry too much but definitely make them aware xx

Unfortunately the reality is there is Zika in Mexico so this is something you and your partner will need to be tested for.

The virus can stay symptomless in males for six months after your trip so make sure you have protected sex until you both get the all clear. I would get an appointment with your doctor and not wait until you see a midwife. I travel for a living so this is something I had to be quite hot on as i traveled whilst trying to conceive and then whilst pregnant.

It’s probably absolutely fine (was you even bitten whilst there?) but you need to get it nipped in the bud early.


See GP instead of waiting for midwife x

We had our cruse booked 10 months before we went to Mexico and Jamaica. I was 16 weeks pregnant and still went, I was a nervous wreck but didn’t get off the ship.

According to a friend of my mums in Mexico the virus is mostly inland so it depends on where you were traveling also did ye get any mosquito bites? His wife had a new baby in Mexico a year ago and she’s perfect, THEY LIVE THERE!!

The other couple we traveled with did get off the ship in Mexico and didn’t get any bites and had no problem, they travelled all around Cozumel.

Try not to worry, it’s no harm in mentioning it to the doctor but the chances of there being a problem a slim.

Best of luck xx

Thanks alot guys that's really helped. I am booked in to see the doctor this week so will mention it then. I stayed on the coast in an all inclusive resort in playa car and hour south west from Cancun. I did get one or two bites but not sure if they were mozi's or just sand flies but I will definately get me and my husband checked.

Is it also common now to just be refereed to the midwife when you tell the doctors your pregnant. They didn't want to see me just sent my details to the midwife who just rang to book me in at the end of the month and untill then I wouldn't have seen anyone untill I booked myself in with the doctor this week as I'm also on anxiety medication and wanted to talk the them about the risks of that.

Sorry for the long reply, I got carried away 😁 x

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Major2116 in reply to Kelly2502

What meds are you on hun? If you don't mind me asking. I'm on depression/anxiety medication.

Hope all goes well with the midwife! Xx

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Kelly2502 in reply to Major2116

I am on fluoxetine, I have read online that's it's fine to be on but it still says there are potential risks on the note in the box but I'm sure it is a tiny risk x

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Major2116 in reply to Kelly2502

Ahh. I'm on sertraline. They said it's one of the best kinds to be on plus if I decide to breast feed, the medication doesn't go in the breast milk.

Have a look at this website:

A few doctors have recommended the page to me. Type in the medication and it gives you all the information about it x

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Kelly2502 in reply to Major2116

Thanks alot I will take a look x

Hi.i concieved my son in mexico october 2014. He is perfectly problem during labour or pregnancy.dont stress yourself for the worse as it may not be the case.i wasnt aware i was pregnant while i was there and i didnt know about the virus scare till he was 1 either so i never got checked in laws booked it all up as id had a miscarriage 3 weeks before we went i was still too upset to read into those things.i also stopped in playa car at the rui tequila.even went into cancun, turtle bay and a boat trip to cuba! x

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Kelly2502 in reply to Ch87

What a small world, lol. Thanks for the reply it really has put my mind at ease xx

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Ch87 in reply to Kelly2502

Your welcome.hope everything goes well for also 5 weeks pregnant xx

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Kelly2502 in reply to Ch87

Congratulations, hope all goes well for you too x

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