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Is it a cold or I am pregnant?

My period is 9 days late(it was supposed to come on 30th december, last period was on 27th november). I had multiple sex activity on 6, 14, 22 and 27 december, but protected(condom that was checked everytime afterwards and there was nothing wrong with it + the pull out method, im not sure if there was any sperm residue on fingers). I’ve been having cramps, my boobs hurt and I do pee a lot. Three days after my period was supposed to come peeing was painful and my vulva was itchy. I did a pregnancy test yesterday in the morning but it was negative. I’m going to see my gynecologist this week, but I’m scared that I could be pregant. Is there any chance or I am just paranoid?

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Hello.. I think you might have a bladder infection from the symptoms you said... better to check with the doctor because if it is needs treatment asap...

Good luck


As above, it sounds more like a water infection.

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I agree. I think based on your information, and the negative test, it’s unlikely to be that.


I took another test this morning, it was again negative. I have an appointment with my gynecologist for wednesday so hopefully everything will be alright. Thank you all for your answers!


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