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Early Pregnancy Symptoms Come and Go

Hello, I have just recently found out that I am pregnant, wasn't planned but I am excited but also scared. I was told only a few months ago that I wouldn't be able to conceive naturally, so as you can imagine was a shock. I found out when I was around 6 weeks I started with very strange feelings in my stomach at first, I gathered it was my uterus expanding, but it all seems to have stopped now. I had sore breasts, and they have grown and now I don't have any pain. I do feel a little bit nauseous when I wake up in the morning but I haven't been sick. I am finding that I am needing to drink more, which of course makes me want too pee more often, but I am struggling to understand if that's down to the pregnancy or not. I have my first appointment with the midwife next week which will put me at 8 weeks, but I just don't feel very pregnant and a part of me thinks I am overthinking and wanting to take another test, does anybody else get like this?

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Congratulations. We’ve had to conceive via IVF and was pregnant last Christmas but had a miscarriage. Now I’m 28 weeks and all through this pregnancy and the short time of the last I bearly had symptoms. All I have had was needing the loo a lot, tiredness and extreme hunger at around 8 weeks til 12 weeks. If I didn’t know I was pregnant I wouldn’t have guessed xx


I am sorry to here you had a miscarriage, I had one too a few years back and its an awful thing to go through. Congratulations on your pregnancy, that's amazing :) I am extremely tired all the time at the moment, I could sleep for a week! for me I am usually clock work on my periods s that's how I knew, when I was late. I will be happy once I have seen my midwife and had my first scan. I am debating whether to have an early pregnancy scan just to put my mind at ease xx


I’m sure you will feel much better when you’ve had a scan. It is such a long wait for the 12 week scan when your worried. Maybe book one for 8 weeks I know I would of if I wasn’t monitored xx


Congratulations 🙂.. I hope everything goes well don’t stress too much it’s a good thing you don’t feel it much so women don’t feel nothing until like their second and third trimester. Everyone is different hopefully birthing should be easier for u too. Congrats and good luck x


Thank you :) I know I am a worrier, I think I will be happy once I see the midwife next week. I hope birthing will be easy to, because I am petrified haha x

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Defiantly! Keep us updated x


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