Any ladies due May 2018?

Hi All and congrats! Just thought I’d start thread so we can have a natter as we progress or moan/reassure!

I’m 9 + 1 with my 3rd. Have a 10 yr old girl and 8 month old boy.

Hope to chat soon x

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  • Hi I am pretty sure I am about the same as you ,due end of May as my calculations . Have 1st midwife appt Fri, little nervous as all new to me and this is my 1st!!! Terrible morning sickness for the last 4 weeks, how are you?

  • Aw congratulations x I’m due 28th. My nausea has been awful with this one! I’m on anti sickness tablets from GP. Hope we feel better soon! First midwife appointment makes things feel more real, and then first scan won’t be far off x

  • I’m due end of May. It’s our first baby, everything very new to us. A bit scaring but exciting too

  • Congratulations MrsTT! It is scary but super exciting xxx

  • I’m due May 13th! I’m 11w3d. We lost our first in March at 11w2d so I’m quite happy right now that we’ve made it a little bit further already this time but still extremely nervous. This will hopefully be our first child. Our first scan is on a Monday. I’ve felt a lot sicker this time round and had a few other symptoms I didn’t have the first time. Have your symptoms been different every time? Xx

  • So sorry to hear that Shem, but also congratulations on this one, I can totally understand you being nervous but the signs are really good that you have those symptoms. This one I’ve had worst nausea with but this one is more similar to my first, with my son I had a lot of cramping but not with these two, so I’m convincing myself it’s a girl haha.

    Your first scan will be amazing so try to relax and look forward to it cx

  • Thank you 😊 the Midwife also said it was a good sign that I was having stronger symptoms this time round. I’ve convinced myself this one is a girl but for no reason other than instinct! And the fact my husband would prefer a boy. Did you guess the sex of your precious babies right? I’ll try to relax but I don’t think I will until I’m told the baby is alive and kicking! I have started to show very slightly which didn’t happen last time and I told my boss yesterday because of needing an afternoon off next week for the scan. It’s all different this time round! Xx

  • I was wrong about my first, right about second haha. Will you find out at 20 week scan or wait for surprise? xx

  • I think we will wait for a surprise....although I might get the sonographer to write it down and seal it in an envelope in case I change my mind later! Haha. Xx

  • That’s a good idea! I think I’ll find out with this one x

  • Had my first scan on Monday and saw our baby for the first time! Everything is fine 😊 we are so relieved! Xx

  • Congratulations all I'm 9+5 and it's my first pregnancy. Have any of you started to get a bump yet? I'm already finding it difficult to fit in to clothes hope can keep it hidden at work till 12 weeks!

  • Congratulations hun! Haha I show really early but too it’s bloating from the extra progesterone. Are you walking around work trying to pull your bump in? Hehe Leggings were my best friend xx

  • In wearing lots of floaty dresses in the hope it keeping it coveted but everyone keeps saying I'm next so won't be a surprise to them anyway. Can't wait for that scan! X

  • Haha soon you can let it all out and show it off! x

  • Hello I am due around Mid April - first baby so super nervous!

  • Congrats!! I’m no expert but if you wanna ask anything about anything feel free xx

  • Thanks 😀 I wanted to find out about hynobirthing or any other techniques that you or others may have tried that helps prepare for Labour

  • Tbh, with my first I had a birth plan and didn’t bother with my second because I didn’t want to be disappointed if it didn’t go that way again. My only thing was I didn’t want an epidural and managed to stick to that. I don’t know much about hypnobirthing, I’ll have a look xx

  • Hon me too April 12 there about.First time

  • I am due on April 14! Same week! How is your second trimester going? I had a difficult first trimester but feeling healthy since week 12.

  • The second one is okay so far like the first one.l did not vomit all through. Am doing a lot of resting and eating every hour fruits or food.

  • All the best and hope both our babies are growing well inside! Which hospital are you going to? I am going to St Marys in Paddington which has been fine so far.

  • Hon am from Africa Kenya after the Doctors did pregnant test ,ultrasound and they could not see anything except the uterus is bulky l had to read and look for a group that l can also share with.Am going for the next ultrasound 20th week.

  • All the best will be praying for you

  • Thank you.

  • Congratulations XX

  • Yes I’m due my little girl in the 9th April :) this is my first x

  • Helllo I am also due in April - 14th so very close to you. Hope your pregnancy is going well 😀

  • Pregnancy is going very well Thankyou :) Hope all is well with you xx

  • I am also having a baby girl! How exciting. We should try and organise a catch up with all the April/May mummies-to-be 😀

  • We should do! How exciting 😀 Is this your first?

  • Yes first baby! Whereabouts do you live?i am based around West Hampstead. Maybe we can have a catch up in early December

  • Currently we live in Marbella but my hubby to be has a house in Chelsea so will be back there..a meet up sounds fab! :) xx

  • Great you southern girls are meeting up that’s really nice xx

  • You should join us Lyndsaytw79 :) xx

  • I’m all the way up in Yorkshire otherwise I would deffo be there xx

  • When are you due Lyndsaytw79? :) xx

  • I’m due 28th of May. Sounds so long but it flys! x

  • Hi I'm 5+3 not due until the end of june. But already have had all the symptoms early. Including bloating and looking like I'm a couple months along. But this is my 10th baby. Lost one in june this year. So hoping for the best. Congrats to you and good luck.

  • Congrats Babygirl!! So sorry for your loss x 10th wow! That’s amazing! What ages are they? Xx

  • Thankyou so much. Where to start lol. Well I have 6 boys 2 girls. Ages 16,15,14,10,9,7,2,1.

  • I was nervous about my youngest only being 16 months when this one comes along! How have you found that? Do you have lots of support? xx

  • Well I'm a single mom just recently. All my children have the same father but honestly It's routine and just take it one day at a time. Some days are better than others but I know I'm a strong independent woman and my older ones are a great help.

  • Omg me too! You’re doing an amazing job xxx

  • Thank you so much. Haven't been on in a few days been trying to take it easy but honestly right now I'm feeling really down. Can't sleep keep feeling like I might lose this baby. Don't know if it's stress but haven't had a few symptoms in a couple days. No spotting but just don't feel right. See doc on Monday.

  • Aw hun I’m

    Sorry. I had similar a couple of weeks ago, it’s so hard because you’ve gotta do everything for the other children and no respite for yourself. If there’s no bleeding or pain I’m almost sure everything is fine. Just know you’re not alone xxx

  • Thanks again. It's nice to able to talk to someone about all this. Trying to stay positive today. I will keep in touch and let you know how things go next week. Fingers crossed. Really do want this baby even if I have to do it alone.

  • Anytime honestly! Of course you want it. Yeah deffo let me know. Mines on 14th x

  • I have the first midwife appointment tomorrow and due end of May with number 1. Both excited and nervous, but thankfully have been mostly feeling ok because my job is fairly physical.

  • Aw lovely congrats hun! What do you do? XX

  • I'm an instructor at a children's activity centre, so kayaking, climbing, walking all day! Think I can probably get away with it until Christmas because the centre quietens down in November but then I'm going to have to take it a bit easier.

  • Oh wow yes definitely. You know work have to put you on light duties to eliminate any risks xx

  • I've had a chat with my line manager and we are both fairly happy that there aren't too many changes needed yet, just avoiding things with lots of lifting or where there is a risk of impact (I'm not allowed to do my own climbing rescues or lift rafts). Will tell everyone at the end of the season I think.

  • Oh good stuff! You must be very fit 💪🏼 X

  • I am currently 12w 3d and due 7May with my first. I also lost a precious one in May this year and never thought I would get this chance. I have my scan tomorrow and I am mega excited to see my little one again. I was scanned in early pregnancy clinic at just over 7 weeks where they confirmed all was well this time!

  • Aw congratulations and so sorry for your loss! Let us know about the scan tomorrow won’t you xx

  • Congratulations all! I'm due my first baby on 14th May :) so far the worst thing has been having a very limited appetite! This is not fun for somebody who loves food haha. I'm also very healthy and train 5 times a week yet my body is saying no to vegetables. We've got our scan a week today! How is everybody else feeling?? Ally xox

  • Hey Ally congratulations x yeah my body said no to pretty much everything but water and tonic water but then got the anti sickness tablets from my gp and have been loads better!

    How exciting!! Let us know how the scan goes xx

  • Congratulations! I am also due my first baby on the 14th May. And have had very limited appetite its like nothing tastes good anymore!

  • Snap to the due date and lack of appetite! It's all fun and games for somebody who loves food. Before falling pregnant, my diet was very balanced and vegetable, keep those veggies away haha! It'll get better I'm sure! Good luck with everything ❤❤ xox

  • Hi everyone I'm 9 weeks +3 with my first baby. Very exciting and reassuring reading everyone's symptoms. Iv also had terrible nausea and no appetite which I'm finding hard. But I know it's a good sign so trying to look at it like that. Struggling to sleep and keep dreaming of having a mc not sure why other than I really want this baby to be healthy.

  • Congratulations hun x speak to your gp about nausea, I was given. Anti sickness tablets and they’ve helped hugely!! It’s awful. The dreams I suspect maybe be anxiety around that and must be really upsetting at the time but mean nothing xx

  • Meeee. I’m having a may baby! It’s my first too. I’m feeling quite lucky to not be pregnant over the summer and looking forward to lots of walks in the sun xx

  • Yay congratulations! Me too my others have been winter babies xx

  • Did you ever get something called restless leg syndrome with your other pregnancies? I’ve got it really bad and not sure what to do for it xxx

  • No I didn’t but I know someone who did and she said it was really annoying and kept her up! Have you spoke to midwife or gp?

  • Yeah it’s really annoying trying to get to sleep with it. I spoke to my midwife at my initial app and she said it was normal but didn’t advise me on what I could do. I think I’ll call her today

  • Yeah I would because its a long time to go to have it and you don’t want to be getting over tired x

  • I'm due may 14th so now 11weeks4days. First baby after a round of IVF. Had a couple of scares so 3scans so farbut after been told they couldnt find baby at the first, the next two at 7 and 10 weeks have been perfect. 12 week scan is not until 15weeks though with a tagged on consultant appointment so think we may book a private one next week. X

  • Aw congratulations!

    It must have been really scary but glad the other scans went well hun x

  • Hello ladies and congrats im due May 3 2018 currently 13w0d

  • Hi Missy and Congratulations! How are you feeling? x

  • Still on the queasy side waiting for the nausea to pass

  • I had my scan yesterday and everything is absolutely fine! My new due date is now 5 May which makes me 13 weks today. Hoping that my nightly bouts of feeling very sick subside soon. 😊

  • Aww wonderful did you get some good pics? Fingers crossed nausea passes soon. I’m still in the thick of that it’s awful x

  • Yes pics were amazing. I could see all of its little features. Looking forward to the next one already! X

  • Awww so cute! I just used to stare at the pictures for ages! In fact I put it on my bedside table haha x

  • According to initial calculations I'm due on 27th May; however from possible conception dates and chatting to the midwife I know its going to be altered at my dating scan to around the 2nd June.

  • Hi Becci congrats to you x oh have you got a date for your scan yet? x

  • Thank you. My scan is on the 16th November :)

  • My scan is gonna be this Thursday. So should get a more accurate EDD then. But from pure ‘calculation’ at my booking appointment, I’m due to give birth in May also. So far I still haven’t received a letter from the hospital. Apparently they sent the 1st letter to a wrong address, and re-posted another one which should have arrived by now. But I called my midwife, and she told me I could just turn up on Thursday. Hopefully baby is all well. At the moment, it’s still doens’t feel very real. I think it will be an exciting moment to ‘see’ my baby for the 1st time this Thursday! Can’t wait!

  • I know what you mean! Other than nausea I don’t feel pregnant particularly so yeah I’m excited to see it too! Aw let us know how you get on at scan x

  • Thanks so much! Really hope and pray that our baby is okay. Just read a post that kind of scared me a little. It said that she found out her baby wasn't developing anymore at her scan (a miscarriage). I thought one would know if there's a miscarriage by other symptoms like bleeding and so on. But this kind of freaks me out a little, hearing that someone would turn up at a scan only to find out the baby was no longer growing...... sob sob

  • Aw I know it’s such a scary time isn’t it. That’s called a missed miscarriage. Just try to relax and look forward to your scan, and hopefully all is perfect xx

  • Yes, I hope so too!! Will keep you guys posted. Many thanks.

  • Hi, congratulations. I'm also due in May but pretty sure they will be here sooner as having twins after IVF. Have a 16 month old and boy is it hard work. No rest and feeling pretty shattered.

    I do feel blessed but can't wait for the taste of food to return as I can't stomach my usual array of food. Off milk, salad, humous, olives, anything remotely sweet etc etc. In fact I feel my diet is pretty pants but it's all I can eat with the morning sickness. I'm eating crisps, why? Never fussed by them usually or cheese etc. Had a spate of marmite on toast everyday but that has vanished. Pregnancy is a funny thing.

    Have my 12 week scan in a week. Have convinced myself there is something wrong as feel things have changed. Have everything crossed. Is anyone else stressing about this?

  • Oh wow congratulations twins !! Why have you convinced yourself something is wrong? Although to be fair I’ve felt like that the last few days x

  • I have just felt different the last few days. I think I'm just worrying about setting myself up for the scan actually going well.

    It may also be because most people I know have miscarried at some point. The most recent was my colleague just after her 20 wk scan.

    Just think it's an unnerving time. This 12 wk scan can't come soon enough x

  • Oh dear.. miscarriage just after her 20 wk scan! That's so sad. I wonder if there was any sign prior to the miscarriage? I feel we are all in the same boat, maybe worrying and scaring ourselves a little too much.

  • Completely, it's just a time full of worry but hopefully elation to. I'll feel a little more reassured after the 12 wk scan. Good luck with the pregnancy xx

  • I hear you. But fingers crossed all will be well hun xx

  • Thanks so much! All the best with your pregnancy all the way through too!! Take care xxx

  • I'm due 20th May and I have scan next Tuesday. It's our first baby and I'm a bit scared but I believe everything will be fine. We are very happy. Sometimes i have slight nausea but most of the time I feel very good.

  • Hey that’s great news! Glad you’re feeling well! Let us know how scan goes xx

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm 10w 5d today with my first child and still waiting on my letter for my first scan.

    Been tucked up in bed for the past week with nasusea (not actually being sick but constantly feeling it!).

    I can't seem to get my mind to rest until I know everything is ok!

    I've lost 9lbs over the past couple of weeks but the midwife doesn't seem too bothered, anyone else had similar?

    So excited but just scared to get my hopes up at this point, so many mixed emotions!!

  • Hi Katie,

    I would definitely see your gp, some people don’t understand how debilitating the nausea can be. I had constant nausea and my gp gave me anti sickness tablets which are safe for baby. It also makes you feel miserable and stressed so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is adding to your anxieties.

    I hope you get that scan soon and are reassured that baby is fine xx

  • Hey! Congratulations 😊 I'm due 30th May! This is my first baby, I have my first scan in 2 weeks time and I cannot wait to see my baby on the screen. I miscarried last year so I'm worrying a little and hoping everything goes smoothly this time. The only symptoms I'm really getting is tiredness and no appetite, I feel pretty lucky!

  • I'm due 12th May, found out I'm expecting twins on Friday!

  • Omg!!!!!! Amazing you lucky thing that’s incredible! Are twins in your family?

  • No history of twins in either mine or my husbands family so this is a big surprise for both of us!

  • So lovely

  • Hi, sorry for updating you guys late. I went for my scan last thursday, and thankfully baby is fine. And now I can confirm Imy EDD should be around 9 May 2018 =). Thanks for all your best wishes!

  • Hey that’s wonderful new! xx

  • I had scan on Wednesday and my baby is fine. Before scan a doctor said that baby is 12 weeks and 3 days old but after scan she changed her mind and baby is 13 weeks and 2 days old. So due date is now 14th of May. It's mean that I got pregnant just after my period. Hmm I still think my due date is 20th of May and baby is just a little bit bigger ;)

  • Yeah they never get it right and just go by averaging. I’d stick to your date too 😊! Glad all is well x

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