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Pregnancy vitamins

Hi ladies, I am in 6 w 5 days, I have been taken Wellwomen fertility tablets since April. There is 400mg folic acids in each tablet. I still have one box need to finish. Can I carry one to have this one or I have to buy folic acid own tablets. I checked ingredients for Wellwomen pregnancy tablet, compared with fertility tablets, the only different contains vitamin K in pregnancy one. Is VK very important?

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I take pregnacare with no extra folic acid on top. Packet says 400ug in them. Has 70ug of vitamin k in them. If you are eating a balanced diet these should just be topping everything else up rather than supplying everything you need.

I was told not top overdo the vitamin a in pregnancy. That's not labelled on the pregnacare packet and i guess it's not in.


During my last pregnancy the midwife said vitamins should say they are for pregnancy. They will have everything you need in them. If the packet says they can be used in early pregnancy they are fine but if not I would suggest getting pregnancy specific ones as vitamin A can affect the baby if it's from the wrong source. X


Make sure they don't have vitamin a in them. Otherwise the most imp things are folic acid and vitamin d. You can try get your vitamin k via food e.g. Spinach is a good source and green leafy veg




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